Harrison Opens Seminar-Fund Raiser to Public — 5 Comments

  1. Very interesting to combine a political rally with a political rights seminar.

    I like a man who isn’t afraid to tell employees about their legal rights.

    If he wins, Harrison will have to do a good job as sheriff to avoid the sharp edge of the “political rights” sword being wielded against him by the 400 employees of the sheriff’s department in 2018.

    This guy’s a former sheriff’s deputy, a former state’s attorney, a lawyer and a law professor.

    I think I would like to hear what he has to say.

    I’m going.

  2. I see that the response is to Carolyn as opposed to Tony. Realizing that Tony is not an asset. Do not be fooled, Harrison will have Tony working for him if he wins.

  3. Can’t wait until Monday, glad this is open to others. Thanks Jim.

    We all need to know our legal rights.

  4. I just commented on this topic under the previous thread

    Now we have more snipes attacking Tony Cundiff.

    Being the guy at the top of the patrol division is a lonely spot, akin to living in a fishbowl.

    Ether you agree or disagree with decisions.

    With the different factions under Nygren, it was very tenuous position to be in.

    We all know that a previous Sheriff candidate writes here under different names and hates Tony personally.

    Bottom line is that Tony stood up for the integrity of the department.

    Sadly the department BRASS did not stand up for him and threw him under the bus when his usefulness to them was done.

    Using this forum to snipe at Tony is unwarranted.

    Here’s an idea.

    Come to Offside’s on the 17th and listen to Jim Harrison speak and learn something other than what these incessant haters and whoremonger want you to hear.

  5. Everyone should meet Jim and Tony in person and form YOUR OWN opinion.

    I will be doing that on the 17th.

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