Tina Hill’s Initial Committee Assignments

The all-female Committee on Committees, one woman from each County Board district, met this morning to talk about who would be on what committee, who would be liaison to what agency and similar appointments. To start the suggestion newly-elected Chairman Tina Hill handed out what you see below:

Hill Committee Assignments initial 12-14-12

These were the starting and, for the most part, ending points for which County Board members will serve on which committee. There were some relatively minor adjustments, which I’ll try to get up later in this article. Click to enlarge.

Hill Committee Assignments Liaisons 12-14-12

One suggestion was withdrawn when virtually every member of the Committee on Committees said they thought someone who knew the history of the Conservation District’s having given 3% raises when the County Board was giving lower salary increases would be more appropriate than newcomer Nick Chirikos.

Suggestions were also made for liaisons or “adjunct committee” assignments, as Hill labeled them.You can see them below:


Tina Hill’s Initial Committee Assignments — 4 Comments

  1. From my count, Mary McClellan has four daytime committee meetings per month and one daytime county board meeting. Five times twelve equals sixty days per year that she needs to be physically in McHenry County during the work day to perform her duties as a board member.

    Is she still working for the Cook County State’s Attorney in Chicago? I know that is a cushy position, but even the most egregiously compensated Cook County public servants don’t get sixty vacation days per year.

    You should reach out to her, Cal, and let us know what her plan is.

  2. If you think that the appointment of Mary McClellan to all of those assignments don’t make sense, wait until Tina Hill starts showing her total incompetence when attempting to running McHenry County.

  3. Well, Klatu, I didn’t think the McHenry County board chairman runs the county, but that was for the county administrator to do. Oh I believe there is some incompetence with Tina Hill. You don’t go through Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and foreclosure by making the right decisions.

    I’m still wondering how Cal could have missed Hill’s Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing, as well as her foreclosure and Ersel Schuster’s Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy filing, too.

    If there was ever a reason for at-large election of the McHenry County board chairman, Hill and Schuster gave them to us.

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