McHenry Mayoral Race on Tap

For the first time since the late 1990’s, if memory serves me correctly, McHenry voters will have a contest for Mayor.

Incumbent Sue Low is being challenged by former Mayor Steve Cuda.

Besides the Mayor, the following offices are up for grabs:

  • City Clerk
  • Ward 1 Alderman
  • Ward 3 Alderman
  • Ward 5 Alderman
McHenry Aldermen and Alderwoman listen to a pitch from the man who wanted to buy the condo building next to the creek.

McHenry Aldermen listen to a pitch from the man who wanted to buy the condo building next to the creek.

As of December 19th AM, the following persons have filed election petitions:

  • Susan E. Low and Steven J. Cuda, Mayor
  • Victor Santi, Ward 1 Alderman
  • Jeffrey A. Schaefer, Ward 3 Alderman

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A candidates’ night for Sue Low and Steve Cuda will be held at McHenry County College’s Shah Center on Thursday, March 21st, at 7 PM.


McHenry Mayoral Race on Tap — 4 Comments

  1. Sue has done a wonderful job, and no increase in the city tax levy for the past 2 years.

    That has NOT happened anywhere else in the County.

    She’ll have my families votes.

  2. Mayor Low needs to go. The City of McHenry is going down the tubes.

    What has she done about economic development?

    Too many vacant businesses in town, specifically on 31. Stop bringing in tattoo shops, flea markets and cash loan places.

    Stop making residents drive to Crystal Lake for shopping and restaurants.

  3. Mayor Low is doing a great job.

    We have had new economic development on the north end of 31, the plaza on bull valley and green etc.

    I am proud to live in a city that runs a balanced budget.

    I think its very important to grow as a city while running a responsible budget.

    In this economy, fiscal responsibility is more important than ever.

    I am proud to have a mayor who is completely involved in all of the city’s events.

    Mayor, you have my families vote!

  4. Are you kidding

    I have never lived in a county where you are forced to go to court for minor traffic violations seat belt ticket ridicules misdemeanors charges all so they can impose a outrageous fine then tack on a court fee that is 3 times the fine, miss a days work, to spend less than 3 minutes in front of a judge.

    You got the states attorney and judge working together so they can make there quota’s then they tell you that its the city counsel that has imposed these fines and fees and not to blame them.

    And who is in charge of the city counsel the MAYOR.

    In a time where nobody can get a job and the city sees it fair to give them selves raises.

    You have the Police using route 31 as there own personal drag strip.

    Who poses more of a danger the guy going 5 miles over the speed limit or a police officer doing 50 to 80 miles an hour to get to a fender bender.

    And as far as bringing business to the area, you cant count 2 unfinished developments as progress those are privet not city sponsored.

    The amount of small business that have closed and major retailers leaving area is unreal, there is a 75 % occupancy in this county now.

    No new business being sought out, no major chains being brought back no tax breaks for current small businesses no incentives for large or new businesses.

    Yeah great job but you see new city vehicles on our streets monthly.

    And if you have not notice the increased amount of homeless in the neighborhood , I have only been in the local area permanently for a couple of years.

    The amount of illegals roaming the streets is ridiculous.

    Now if you agree with anything that i have said its time for some real change Mchenry what was a great town to visit when I was a kid I would not rec amend it in its current state.

    Do we really need an mayor like the democrat president who cant follow threw on anything but offer the government tit.

    a guy that thought this small town was different and better .

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