Four So Far for Huntley School Board

Four people have filed to run for school board in Huntley School District 156.

Three are incumbents:

  • Donald J. Drzal
  • Kimberly J. Skaja
  • Paul A. Troy

Running for the seat that Mike Skala vacated when he took office on the McHenry County Board is Michael J. Fleck. I met Fleck when he was serving on the Huntley Area Library Board. He is not currently on that board.


Four So Far for Huntley School Board — 5 Comments

  1. Will skaja be the longest serving member of any school board in the country when she decides not to run?

  2. How many of these candidates are closely tied to teachers?

    Spouses, children, etc?

  3. Term limits, term limits, c’mon people, make it a law!

    Two terms is enough for one person.

    A board member who has been on since the 90s and was on watch through some obviously wrong stuff should be replaced. “Nice” doesn’t mean quality.

    Heck, that should go for all politicians – two terms is enough. New blood, new brains, less buddy buddy stuff, less comfy and adored.

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