Message of the Day – A Sweatshirt

Today we dip into the photo archives to show you a red sweatshirt a young man was wearing at a McHenry Marlins swim meet.

“Dear Santa” is the theme of this boy’s sweatshirt.

There are all sorts of great lines on this Christmas sweatshirt:

  • Can we talk?
  • Please don’t talk to my teacher.
  • Check your list again.
  • The other kids had a lot to do with it!!!
  • Does “Mostly Good” count??
  • I really did try!
  • I TRIED!
  • I had a bad year!
  • My sister did it.
  • I’ll explain.
  • Save time and drop my sister!!!
  • My brother did it!
  • Define good.
  • I was framed.
  • It wasn’t my fault.
  • The dog did it.

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