Metra’s Jack Schaffer Calls Proposed Personnel Policy Way to Increase “Patronage”

Jack Schaffer

Jack Schaffer

Back when Jack Schaffer was State Senator and I was State Rep., we once had a conversation about patronage.

Both of us agreed that we were pleased to let McHenry County Republican County Chairman Al Jourdan handle that aspect of politics.

Now, Schaffer, serving on the Metra Board, has called out newly-installed Metra Board Chairman Brad O’Halloran on his proposal to give Board members the power to approve new hires earning more than $75,000 a year.  That’s what the Chicago Tribune says.

“I know what patronage is.  I want no part of it.”

O’Halloran took offense.

The Chicago Tribune headline tells the story.

The Chicago Tribune headline tells the story.

So did other Board members, including Kane County’s Mike McCoy.

“Ridiculous and offensive.”

Schaffer was not alone in his believe, however.  Evanston’s William Widmer “feared the board ‘could become the go-to people about getting hired,'” according to the Tribune.


Metra’s Jack Schaffer Calls Proposed Personnel Policy Way to Increase “Patronage” — 6 Comments

  1. A little late, boys, for the cry of “patronage.” too bad you didn’t take this noble stance while you were legislators.

  2. A Board of Directors decision on hires earning $75,000/year is one of the stupid ideas of the year.

    This pay level (and higher) ought to be completely within the purview of the HR Department.

    The Board should be involved only in senior management personnel decisions.

  3. Jack Schaffer’s righteous indignation is reminiscent of the scene from Casablanca in Rick’s cafe, crowded with raucous German officers and local French loyalists.

    Claude Rains, as Capt. Louis Renault, senses the tension between the visiting troups and French locals, blows his whistle to clear the club, saying the club is closed.

    Rick says to Louis, “How can you close me up; on what grounds? to this, Louis/Capt. Renault answers in feigned disbelief, “I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in here.”

    As Renault turns to leave the club, a tuxedoed croupier approaches Renault, hands him/Renault a pile of money, saying “Your winnings, sir.” which Louis casually puts in his pocket and walks away.

  4. The puffery of pols.

    Don’t know how Schaffer can stand to look in the mirror after the Metra debacle.

    Those directly responsible looking the other way and winking… “No one will ever know”.

    Well now we do but we have no way to punish you, wish we did.

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