Part 4 – Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Argument that Zane Seipler Should Be Held in Contempt of Court for Posting Secret Documents on the Internet

II. Clear and Convincing Proof Plaintiff Created Shadow and Cited it on June 21, 2011 in Order to Mock and Misdirect the Court (No. 10)

Allegation 10 concerns Plaintiff’s creation of (hereafter referred to as “Shadow”) and his attribution of that blog to unknown sheriff’s deputies in order to mock and misdirect the Court as to his culpability for Real MCSO.

In support, Defendants presented undisputed evidence that Shadow was created from Plaintiff’s home computer on June 18, 2011, one week after Defendants moved for sanctions (Ex. 26; Ex. 33 at ¶¶ 33-34).

Three days later Plaintiff cited Shadow to the Court as an example, along with Real MCSO, of the work of unidentified rogue sheriff’s deputies blasting the sheriff’s administration because of their disenchantment with the Sheriff’s tyrannical rule. (Ex. 11 at ¶ 3.)

Once again, subject to Plaintiff’s affirmative defense that his wife created and administered Shadow unbeknownst to him, this evidence establishes Plaintiff created Shadow and then misdirected the Court by citing it in support of his false theory that it, like Real MCSO, was the work of rogue deputies.

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Part 5 tomorrow.

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