Harrison: “It’s Time to Raise the Bar”

A press release from McHenry County Republican Party Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison:


Jim Harrison poses for a photo with GOP primary election opponent Andy Zinke in the background talking to Paul List.

Jim Harrison poses for a photo with one of his GOP primary election opponent Andy Zinke in the background talking to Paul List.

McHenry County Sheriff Candidate Jim Harrison held his first public campaign rally on Monday, December 17th, at Offsides Sports Bar & Grill in Woodstock.

About 80 people attended the event which had an interesting twist to it. Harrison, an employment, labor and civil rights attorney, specifically invited public employees and their families to the event, and then gave an informative legal seminar on the rights of public employees to engage in political activities.

Harrison blames the low employee morale in the Sheriff’s Office on the lack of leadership skills in the Nygren/Zinke administration.

Harrison, a deputy sheriff from 1981-1989 under Sheriffs Henry Nulle and George Hendle, also criticized the current working environment of the Sheriff’s Office which he described as “retaliatory” and Noting that nearly a quarter of all Sheriffs in Illinois are attorneys, Harrison offered his law enforcement experience and his many years as a Special Assistant State’s Attorney, an adjunct law professor and a private civil litigation attorney as a strong foundation for him to hold the Sheriff’s job.

“It’s time to “Raise the Bar” in the skill-set that we demand in our Sheriff,” Harrison said to an attentive crowd.

If elected, Harrison promises to restore leadership, integrity and public confidence in the Sheriff’s Office, and is committed to implementing an open-door policy and an administration of fair and equal treatment.

“The days of political favoritism and special treatment in the Sheriff’s Office are going to end in the next election,” Harrison announced.

“It’s time to “Raise the Bar.”

Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072

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Harrison is running against Andy Zinke and Bill Prim.


Harrison: “It’s Time to Raise the Bar” — 14 Comments

  1. In don’t know Prim, but do know Jim Harrison. I think he would be a great asset to McHenry County bring his legal experience. I only hope the news media gives him an honest chance and stops promoting Zinke and his underhanded policies.

  2. Harrison is right , morale is at its lowest and productivity among deputies is at its lowest due to the current administration.

    Only choice is Harrison/Cundiff for this election.

    Truth will come out on Prim’s early exit from scandal plagued Des Plaines PD and there will be one choice left.

  3. Zinke is a rat. Harrison was the pal of the BIG RAT Gary Pack. He cannot run from that contact and the money he made by being Pack’s buddy.
    Pack did little to no work while in office. Handed the outsourcing to Harrison.
    This is the reason Lou Bianchi does so much more work in house rather than outsource. Bianch has saved $10 million a year with the way he runs his office.
    Take off the blinders.
    Harrison lost the cash cow when Bianchi won the office.

    Harrison has some SERIOUS baggage.

    Prim is a gentleman with great experience and know how.

  4. I hear there is a motto within the Sheriff’s Office…..”ABZ”. Anybody but Zinke. He has NO support from within. I have started to follow this race and it proves interesting already. Harrison brings quite a unique skill set to the Office that it has been missing. Looks like he would save taxpayers money with his legal expertise. Rumor is he will bring a retired Commander in to help with day to day functions, which sounds like a good plan. Where is Prim? Did he decide he has too much “past”? Haven’t heard from his corner in a while.

  5. A few loud mouths and crackpots undermine the current sheriff and his administration. Keith Nygren is as highly qualified as any sheriff in the State. How else could he have been the long time Chief of Police of Crystal Lake and then sought to be the County Sheriff. Andy Zinke and the rest of Nygren’s admin is top notch and most residents of McHenry County know it.

  6. Long time chief?. Check your facts Jim, he was Chief for a year before he was appointed Chief. And yes, Nygren is highly qualified and a great guy but Zinke is unqualified, a backstabber and does not have much support from inside the department

  7. Big – Tigers do not change their stripes (may want to appear that way) Harrison was in BIG big with Pack AND NYGREN. Had no problem with them when he was cashing in. He was the guy defending NYGREN’S GUYS. Is he not doing well in private practice? Did he not invest well and now needs money?

    Nygren’s behavior goes back to the day he started in that office. He was no prize package as police chief in Crystal Lake either.

    Could someone who was on the inside know how to cover what should be cleaned up???
    Just asking.

  8. Zinke has proven himself to be a snake with one goal. HELP ZINKE. He doesn’t think past next week. He was never a road supervisor, he was given the promotions and stayed inside doing meaningless assignments in detectives where he didn’t have to make any quick decisions. He could call Keith and say HELP ME. He always relied other detectives to run things. ABZ is 100% correct. “Rank and File” hate him with a passion.

    Prim; don’t know him but understand he left Des Plaines amid a huge controversy. We need more info.

    Harrison, yes he was an attorney for Gary Pack but remember that he was outside counsel and was hired due to his expertise in employment issues. Look at the hundreds of thousands Nygren has spent on private counsel defending his screw ups.

    Nygren has a terribly huge ego. Look at his name pasted on everything that moves or has a Sheriff sticker on it. Busses, boats, snowmobiles, radar trailers, etc. Rolling political billboards. Why is this allowed? The vehicles are COUNTY owned by CITIZENS not his own billboards. He has taken the department and reverted it to an patronage employer. Merit Commissionn is meaningless now.

    Long way until the next election. NO sense getting the undies in a bunch.

  9. Almost lost my breakfast reading the praises of Harrison, and his puff credentials, e.g., “adjunct law professor” my foot.

    Let’s give it a rest until all potential candidates are thoroughly vetted and we get serious.

    Happy New Year to all of you who have weathered the tyranny in McHenry County. It takes courage to stay here.

  10. justin- Prim STILL WORKS WITH THE DES PLAINES DEPT. He was not pushed out or any of the rumors that opposition tries to throw out there. He has done very good things in the DesPlaines PD and is still involved. A commander with 18 yrs heading drug task force among other things.

    The McHenry County SO has some serious problems. Does that mean that everyone there is NO GOOD?? Not by a long shot. Same goes for the problems in DesPlaines. Still good people there too.
    Harrison was not just a lawyer for the SO. He was close FRIENDS with the problem people. Socialized with them Had no problem with what they did.

    If so, he should have spoken out years ago. It took Seipler to open the can of worms and stick his neck out. If Bianchi had not gotten the SA job, Harrison would still be reaping the benefit of the “friends” he had in place.

    Anon- you are “right on”.

  11. There is a real concern with all the problems in the Des Plaines department that had many in leadership leaving amidst investigations around beatings and investigations around potential misuse of grant money. It is going to become a campaign issue. To be clear though Prim is clearly on record that he was not forced out by the Des Plaines police scandals but because of his stated desire to retire to spend more time with his family.

  12. ZINKE = Great Leadership, longevity, genuinely committed to the community. Any police officer that complains about him conveniently decides not to mention all the positive work he does.

    Prim = The department he comes from has been embroiled in turmoil over accusations of police beatings, falsifying state reimbursement records, indifference to complaints, charges of harassment, and an alleged love triangle involving a top police officer. DEFINITELY NOT SOMEONE I WANT IN ANY TOP POSITION! Source: Journal-topics.com

    Harrison = Worked for Gary Pack, doesn’t that tell you everything? He greedily and sneakily profited off of the taxpayers. Ugh. DEFINITELY NOT SOMEONE I WANT IN ANY TOP POSITION. Besides who wants someone who used to be a police office and then didn’t want to do it any more? NOT ME or anyone else I know. The first sign of stress and he will cave in and not know what to do. He would he walk away like he did before. History repeats itself and you can’t change the spots on a “didn’t want to be a police officer any more” leopard.

  13. I can only guess what raise the bar means. 600K in consulting fees from the State’s Attorney’s Office while Packer was in office? Does he mean raise the bar on how much he can possibly earn?

    I am not totally concerned about whether he wants to be a police officer means anything … And to be perfectly honest being a sheriff is not being a police officer, it’s being an administrator … just sayin.

    So Zinke no, Harrison no, does that mean I have to pick Primm because he’s just somebody else?

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