Hostess Fruitcakes Going Way of Twinkies

My wife an I like fruitcake.

Hostess Fruitcake

Hostess Fruitcake

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after the union demands convinced Interstate Brands to go out of business, rather than meet them that we noticed that the little fruitcakes we like so much are made by Hostess.

Maybe some are still on the shelves, because I haven’t seen any stories about this Hostess product.




Hostess Fruitcakes Going Way of Twinkies — 3 Comments

  1. As usual you can thank the greedy union workers for shutting down another company. A good union member is an unemployed one!

  2. Oh my Zorro you have a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of what went on at Hostess. Congrats on being duped at by the conservative media.

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