McHenry County Salaries – Li-Ma

Every year state law requires the posting of salaries and fringe benefits exceeding $75,000 for those employees under the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. McHenry County has done more than that. It has posted the compensation of all employees.

Mc Li-Ma salary 12Mc Li-Ma salary 12 total

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McHenry County Salaries – Li-Ma — 2 Comments

  1. Ugh, as my usual comments state: overpaying of these people has lead to others not being able to afford groceries, insurance, even a basic dentist appointment. Their salaries reflect the greed that has led to so many people not being able to enjoy simple things in life like being able to get Christmas gifts for their children.

  2. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the benefits package for a part time elected official is the same as a full time employee? Seriously?

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