Part 12 – Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Argument that Zane Seipler Should Be Held in Contempt of Court for Posting Secret Documents on the Internet

  1. How did Mrs. Seipler create Real MCSO with Plaintiff’s email address?

In her January deposition, Mrs. Seipler confirmed an email address was needed to create a blog, but when asked what email address she used to create “the blog that [she] posted the documents to,” she answered “I’m–It was–Again, I’d have to probably look at all that stuff. I don’t really recall. It was probably MCSD or MCSO, one of those two, I mean I think it was that. I’m not sure.” (R.S. Dep. at 79-80.)

She then disavowed any familiarity with the email address [email protected], and stated she had never used her husband’s email address, [email protected] (Id. at 80-81.)

Notably, she never testified or suggested at the deposition that she was not required to input an email address in order to create or access the blog.

Those answers established that Mrs. Seipler did not create Real MCSO because its creator  used [email protected] (Ex. 33 at ¶ 20), the subscriber for which was “Zane Seipler,” who also submitted the secondary email address of [email protected] (Ex. 33 at ¶ 6; Ex. 17 at 27.)[FN15]

Plaintiff’s effort to avoid the impact of that inculpatory evidence constituted yet another attempt to defraud the Court.

First, at the hearing, Mrs. Seipler suddenly recalled with detail that when she created Real MCSO, she did not have to submit an email. (Tr. 1465-67.)

Rather, she testified that when she accessed Google Blogspot, she was able to create Real MCSO without an email address because her computer was already logged into Google. (Id.)

When she created Shadow a few weeks later, the computer was not logged into Google, so she had to submit an email address, [email protected] (Id.)

Mrs. Seipler attempted to demonstrate just how simple this was; however, she was woefully unable to create a blog in court. (Id. at 1703-14.)

Unsurprisingly, Plaintiff then demonstrated how easy it was to create a blog once you knew how, all of which only further indicated he created Real MCSO and Shadow. (Id. at 1807-21.)

And, Mrs. Seipler still had to explain her deposition testimony that an email was required to create the blog that she posted the documents to.

She tried, by testifying at the hearing that when she was speculating in her deposition about which email address she submitted, she was probably referring to Shadow. (Id. at 1738-39.)

Nonetheless, after a review of her deposition, she acknowledged, as she had to, that it appeared her answers related to Real MCSO. (Id. at 1792-97.)

In the end, Plaintiff’s effort to avoid the effect of the Google evidence, which established Plaintiff created Real MCSO using [email protected] and [email protected], fell flat.

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FN15 Plaintiff admitted he created [email protected] (Tr. 275.) Additionally, Plaintiff’s acknowledged blog (MCSD Exposed) was created using [email protected] (Ex. 33 at ¶ 27.)

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Part 13 tomorrow.

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