Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Follows Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm’s Example in Attempt to Lower 2013 Tax Bill

A press release from Linda Moore:

Grafton Township Clerk Harriet Ford Fails to Include Supervisor’s Agenda Item to Propose Tax Cutting Resolution

Linda Moore
Linda Moore

At the December meeting of the Grafton Township Board, Supervisor Linda Moore proposed keeping taxes constant, but Trustees LaPorta, Murphy and Zirk voted in the maximum taxes without a public hearing.

In order for a local government to collect about the same as last year, its levy must be pretty close to the amount collected last year. That figure is called the “extension.”

Because there is some growth, a tax district could actually raise its levy a (the county assessor says about one-quarter of one percent for the county as a whole) tiny bit without raising bills on last year’s taxpayers.

Last year the extension for the combination of the Grafton Town Fund and the General Assistance Fund was $1,070,637.

The levy passed in December for this coming year was $1,102,142.00.

So, unless something is done quickly, Grafton Township taxpayers will have to come up with an extra $31,505 more.

Now, the Grafton Township Board of Trustees has been denied a second chance as a result of the Clerk Harriet Ford.

Supervisor Linda Moore requested the following item on Thursday’s agenda posted by the Clerk:

Resolution to authorize the Supervisor to amend the Levy to last year’s extension.

As I understand the process, there is a short window of opportunity after the County Clerk’s Office decides what the tax rate will be and how much taxes will be extracted from taxpayers’ pockets.

In that perhaps less than a week’s time frame, a district may make a last minute change.

For these reasons, Supervisor Linda Moore has posted a separate agenda. This agenda will give Trustees Zirk, LaPorta, McMahon and Murphy another opportunity to adopt last year’s taxes to match the amount received last year.

If a resolution authorizes the Township Supervisor Moore to lower the levy to last year’s extension (pretty much the amount collected), Grafton Township taxpayers could actually have seen a small tax cut because the amount to be collected would be shared by not only the taxpayers of last year, but the new taxpayers of this year.

The meeting will start at 7:30 pm at the Huntley Park District.

It is my understanding every tax district could make such last minute changes.

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The story about what Dianne Klemm is doing can be found here.

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