Algonquin Library Offers Incentives to Read Pre-Schoolers Books

The Algonquin Public Library is offering to reward pre-schoolers for reading.

Newt Gingrich speaking at the Lake in the Hills Airport.

Newt Gingrich speaking at the Lake in the Hills Airport.

This idea reminds me of something I heard Newt Gingrich explain while he was heading up GOPac in preparation to running for House Speaker.

Each month my friend State Rep. Bernie Pedersen would forward a tape from GOPac on which Gingrich held forth on some subject.

One month he talked about how he had started a pay-to-read summer program near a public housing project.

He knew, of course, that most educators and librarians didn’t believe in paying children to read.  They think kids should read for the pure job of it.

But, he pointed out that the adult world is runs on an incentive program based on money exchanging hands for effort expended.

He told of a meeting held with neighborhood kids.  For every book read, a child would be paid $2. (This was probably in the late 1980’s.)  Come the next Saturday and explain to an adult volunteer what it was about and get $2.

Two sisters, one about 10 and the other 13 heard the pitch.

Only the younger one understood the message.

The next week the 10-year old came home with $10.

“Where’d you get that money?” the 13-year old asked.

“Readin’,” was the answer.

That was all the older sibling needed.

She read enough books that summer to buy a new paid of Nikes.

Having listened to Gingrich over the years, I find he is pretty much the only Republican who speaks to citizens, regardless of where they live.

The Algonquin Library reading program explained in the press release below doesn’t off the pre-schoolers money, but it does provide positive reinforcements.

1,001 Books Before Kindergarten Program

The Algonquin Area Public Library District begins Early Literacy Reading Program

The Algonquin Area Public Library District’s is enthusiastic to create young readers!

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child, and learning the skills needed for reading and writing begins at infancy into childhood.

Beginning January 7, 2013, the Library kicks-off its 1,001 Books Before Kindergarten program. 1,001 Books Before Kindergarten was designed to get parentsactively involved in reading to their child from birth and help foster a lifelong love of reading as children gain pre-literacy skills.

1,001 Books Before Kindergarten is a reading program for families with children birth through age five.

Parents will be able to register their child/children for the program with their Algonquin Area Public Library Card at the Youth Services Desk beginning January 7, 2013.

At registration, information will be given about the program and the Library, the children’s collection and recommended reads, early literacy skill and early literacy practices, and a book log for the first 100 titles recorded in 1,001 Books Before Kindergarten.

After each set of 100 books are read and logged; Parents and children can return to the Youth Services Desk, pick-up a prize and pages for the next 100 books, and receive additional information about upcoming programs at the Library.

When 1,001 books are reached, your child will get a graduation ceremony, a book and their picture on our wall of stars.

1,001 books read over time will make reading together a special time and become part of a daily routine.

Every time you read a book to your child it counts in this program, and there will be favorite books children will want to hear over and over again. Have fun and enjoy the adventure along the way!

Sign up during the first week, January 7- 13 and receive a special registration prize.

This reading program is for babies to children 5 years old, not yet in kindergarten and an Algonquin Library Card is required to register for this program.

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