Two People Could Win Park Board Seats with Write-In Campaigns – 103 Votes Needed

Five seats are up at the Crystal Lake park Board in April’s election.

The Crystal Lake Park Board.

The Crystal Lake Park Board in October, 2012.

Terms are expiring for

  • Deborah Gallagher
  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Angel Collins
  • Caroline Bachour-Chemaly
  • Thomas Aquilina

But there are only three people running for the Park Board:

  • Angel Collins
  • Caroline Bachour-Chemaly
  • Thomas Aquilina

That means two people can gain office through write-in campaigns.

Park District Executive Director Jayson Herbster informs me that it took 103 signatures to get on the ballot.  That means it would take 103 write-in good votes to gain a seat on the Park Board.  103 people would have to put an “X” in the box and write one’s name on the line.

Thursday, February 7th, is the last day a person may file a notarized Declaration of Intent to be a write-in candidate with the proper election authority.

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