Nunda Township Road Commissioner Candidate “Iron” Mike Lesperance Held McHenry Fund Raiser Last Sunday

A press release from “Iron” Mike Lesperance, one of three candidates for the Republican nomination for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. The other two are incumbent Don Kopsell and Rob Parrish.

“Iron” Mike Lesperance is running for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner and the Citizens to Elect Iron Mike held their campaign fundraiser at Marzano’s (McHenry) last Sunday.

"Iron" Mike L signs were visible at his fund raiser last Sunday.

“Iron” Mike Lesperance signs were visible at his fund raiser last Sunday.

The event was a success as an energized, good-sized crowd showed up to show their support.

Mike desires to lower taxes, eliminate nepotism and bring a high standard of accountability to the Highway Department.

Another view of "Iron" Mike Lesperance's fund raiser.

Another view of “Iron” Mike Lesperance’s fund raiser.

Mike’s republican candidacy comes after more than 30 years of running Iron Mike’s Excavating and a lifetime of community involvement. He is a husband and father of three, a fourth generation Eagle Scout and a self-starting small business owner.

Mike also coached youth athletics in Crystal Lake, was heavily involved with Katrina relief work, and is involved with the local church.

For more information on Iron Mike Lesperance’s campaign, or info on how to vote for Highway Commissioner, please visit, call Mike at (815) 385-2523, subscribe on Twitter @VoteIronMike or email him at Thank you for taking an interest in our community!


Nunda Township Road Commissioner Candidate “Iron” Mike Lesperance Held McHenry Fund Raiser Last Sunday — 10 Comments

  1. A whole new group of municipal workers hopping on the back of taxpayers? Why?

    Allusions to wrong-doing but why would we trust you more?

  2. Re: MHI Construction, Island lake IL (1/11/91) Mike Lesperance, owner:

    Man Killed In Construction Site Cave-in
    January 11, 1991|By Flynn McRoberts.

    One worker was rescued from a cave-in at a construction site near Mundelein on Thursday, but a frantic, hours-long effort to dig up and rescue a second worker failed.

    Paramedics were able to briefly touch the second worker about 7:15 p.m., nearly three hours after the sides of a trench dug to lay sewer lines had collapsed on him.

    The paramedics determined the buried man, Brian Meade, 27, of the Wildwood subdivision in Grayslake, was dead, said Fire Chief Lewis Landry of the Countryside Fire Protection District.

    The Lake County Below Ground Rescue Team continued efforts to remove Meade`s body hours afterward. Meade`s father, Martin, stood at the construction site watching silently.

    Landry said the cave-in occurred because the sides of the trench had not been shored up.

    “If you`re putting someone 22 feet below the ground, it would stand to reason that you would place shoring to protect those people`s lives,“ he said.

    Fire officials said both men in the trench were employed by MHI Construction of Island Lake. Mike Lesperance, owner of the company, remained at the site but declined to comment.

    The accident occurred in the Countryside Lake subdivision in an unincorporated area northwest of the intersection of Illinois Highway 83 and Midlothian Road near Mundelein.

    The rescued man was Joseph Ganziano, 36, of Crystal Lake. He was treated at Condell Memorial Hospital in Libertyville and released.

    Ganziano and Meade were working in a crater about 12 feet deep and 25 feet wide. But they were 10 feet below the base of the crater, in a trench that was 36 inches to 42 inches wide, fire officials said.

    They were laying a sewer line from a house under construction to a nearby sewer main.

    John Nelson, owner of J. Nelson Excavating of Wauconda, who knew Lesperance, said Lesperance told him that the trench appeared safe.

    Nelson quoted Lesperance as saying, “The ground appeared to be settled but behind the clay was a vein of running sand. That forced the bank of the trench to cave in.“

    After the sides of the trench caved in, firefighters arrived at the site at 3:34 p.m. to see co-workers shouting from the rim of the trench to the buried men. Two co-workers were in the trench moving dirt to reach Ganziano and Meade, said paramedic Rich Karolczak.

    Two Countryside paramedics, Mark Jones, 23, and Lt. Michael Hodges, 36, replaced them. Jones and Hodges dug out Ganziano in about 25 minutes.

    Landry said firefighters managed to get an oxygen tank and tube near Meade, but he did not know if Meade was able to benefit from it.

    After Ganziano was rescued, Landry said the rescuers noticed the sides of the trench crumbling again. When the rescuers got out, the trench collapsed again, burying Meade further.

    Once equipment to shore up the walls of the trench was put in place, firefighters from the Lake County Deep Tunnel Rescue Team, who come from eight Fire Departments, resumed the digging.

    The team has firefighters from Countryside, Mundelein, Libertyville, Lake Bluff, Gurnee, Knollwood, Wauconda and Grayslake, said Lt. James Pogachnik of Countryside.

    Jones, who was first in the ditch, said he saw Ganziano buried so that only the lower part of his back was visible above the dirt.

    “I started moving some stuff out by a small hand shovel,“ he said,

    “and Lt. Hodges came down, and he and I finished digging him out by hand.“

    Karolczak said Meade`s head was visible at first. Jones said he was never able to see Meade.

    Karolczak said Ganziano, after being rescued, was “more concerned about Brian than himself. He said, `You gotta get him out.` “

    Lake County Sheriff`s Deputy John Jansky said the state`s attorney`s office would determine whether laws were violated at the construction site. Jansky also said the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration would be notified.

    Tommy Smith, 39, a neighbor of the Meades, stood by the construction site after 11 p.m., long after it was decided that Meade was dead. A big man with a bushy mustache, Smith unsuccessfully fought back tears.

    “He was the nicest guy you`d ever meet,“ Smith said. “All he wanted to do was survive and treat people good. . . . Just get him out of there. Free his spirit.“

    Greg Davis, 27, of Waukegan said he had known Meade since freshman year in high school. He came to the site after hearing Meade was buried.

    “Trust me, if we were down there, he`d be standing right here too,“ Davis said.


    Osha Inspections Rise At Trench Sites
    June 18, 1991|By Jerry Thomas.
    Inspections of underground construction sites in Chicago and its north suburbs have more than doubled over the past year, resulting in more fines being handed out to contractors, officials for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said.
    According to Ron McCann, director of OSHA`s Chicago North office, the agency conducted 31 inspections in his territory between Oct. 1 and June 13, compared with 14 during the same nine-month period a year earlier.

    “We are concentrating more on trenching,“ said McCann, who explained that allocating more available manpower to trenching has enabled the agency to conduct more inspections. “We are doing a lot more coverage than last year.“

    OSHA officials said the site inspections, along with a new penalty system instituted in March, which allows the agency to fine some contractors up to $70,000 for “willfully“ violating safety codes, should serve to prevent some flagrant violations. Previously, the maximum fine was $10,000.

    Since March, several companies have been fined by the agency. The latest case occurred last week when the agency issued a $20,000 penalty to MHI Construction Co. of Island Lake.

    According to McCann, a safety inspection was conducted in January after a trench collapsed at a site in Mundelein, trapping two employees. One employee was rescued by the local fire department, but the second died at the scene. The agency found that workers in excavations were not protected from cave-ins and employees had not been trained in OSHA`s excavation standard.

  3. Mike, do you pay property taxes in Algonquin township or in Nunda?

    You don’t pay property taxes to Nunda from the non-residential location, 502 Herbert in Lakemoor where you’re living. Is the commercial location a legal residence?

    Are Pease and Geske backing you for election?

    Will Pease get a truck depot out of it? If not, what? Elections cost a lot and backers have expectations of payback.

    Will you be firing the Nunda road workers and bringing your former workers with you from Geske?

    These are legitimate questions.

  4. Dear 3923, thank you for your questions.

    Yes, I pay property taxes in Nunda Township.

    Yes, my residence is legal in Nunda Township.

    I am not supported by Geske & Sons or Mr. Pease.

    And finally, I don’t plan on firing employees to make room for anyone.

    All positions will be evaluated and I expect most employees will retain their positions.

    Also I don’t work for Geske.

    Rob Parrish is the candidate who works for Geske & Sons.

    Sincerely, Mike Lesperance

  5. It is time Nunda gets a road commissioner that understands how to control costs and reduce the burden on tax payers.

    Mike Lesperance is the candidate that I will be voting for.

    I recommend all Nunda township tax payers send a message to Nunda that taxes are too high with a vote for “Iron Mike”.

  6. Hey Iron Mike, please respond to my question!

    Why did you post a sign in a yard of a deceased resident? My friend was checking in on her mother’s house when she found YOUR signs posted in the yard. At least she told you to stop spreading your lies to the volunteers.

    You should also stop putting up signs wherever you please. That’s illegal!!!!

  7. Hello Serena,

    I was looking over these old posts and saw your concern.

    Can you send me an email explaining the details of where that sign was placed and your other concerns.

    I don’t fully understand the situation or how my fathers sign ended up in a yard it wasn’t welcome in.

    But if you can explain more fully we want to make sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen again and any offended persons are alright.

    My email is

  8. Hi mike

    my name is Linda Robinson I live at 518 S Emerald Dr McHenry

    a few years ago you improved are road it’s very nice but there’s a little problem when it rains all the water drains to my drive way and to my garage door

    could you please help me

  9. I have conveyed your request to the Nunda Township Road Commissioner.

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