Another Communication from Linda Moore to Sun City

Sun City Sun Day maxtheadThere’s a newspaper that circulates only in Sun City called Sun Day in which Linda Moore is placing inserts.

Part 1 can be found here.

Here’s the one that appeared on Thursday:
Moore letterhead

Part 2

(In part 1, I documented “Embattled Township Supervisor Outlines Her Conflict with the Carryover Trustees While Working to Reduce Taxes and Stop the New Town Hall.”)

In 2009 I successfully ran for office, pledging that I would fight for and save your tax dollars.

As your Grafton Township Supervisor, I stopped the waste of your money on an unnecessary $5.5 million dollar (including int.) new town hall.

Since that election the carryover elected board officials, using a “gotcha mentality,” tried everything possible to eliminate me as the barrier to their goal of this new town hall rather than working together for the good of the township.

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

My first term of office certainly has required courage and steadfast dedication to bring promised change and to save taxes.

As we enter 2013, there is very good news.

Three of the four current trustees will not be running for re – election. Video clips of the exiting trustees are available at to demonstrate the problems and behavior I faced during township meetings.

The platform of my opponents are solving are the problems of the current board.

With these three trustees exiting, the anger and personal agendas they have acted on will exit as well.

My opponents’ promises are hollow political trickery.

Some have asked why I opposed a new town hall.

It is simple and responsible; to save tax payer dollars.

Beware: new legislation has made it possible for the town board to build a town hall without your approval.

The threat is real.

I stand firm in my pledge that, if re-elected, we will not build a new town hall without your approval by referendum.

A vote for me is a vote to lower taxes…and a time-proven stand against a new town hall.

I am the only member of the board who has voted against increasing taxes for the last three years.

My first term has required much time and serious effort to putting out unnecessary and illegal fires and trying hard to work with angry trustees who don’t want change.

A second term under reasonable and cooperative conditions will allow me to pare down the spending significantly. I look forward to working for you with a fresh board of trustees.

Your vote will make it happen.

While I have accomplished a great deal by standing up and doing the right thing for Grafton Township residents and taxpayers,

I would appreciate the opportunity to work to save tax dollars during a second term of office.

Your vote for me will help to make this possible.

Linda Moore
Grafton Township Supervisor


Another Communication from Linda Moore to Sun City — 6 Comments

  1. I will not be voting for anyone that has had their hand in this mess for the last four years.

    I will not be voting for someone that puts down other candidates because of their career choice.

    I will vote for someone that brings a fresh perspective to the issues facing our community.

    I will vote for someone that will end the childish bickering that is costing tax payer money.

    I will vote for someone that wants to return common sense back to Grafton Township.

    I want someone that offers leadership skills and the skills necessary to return civility back to our township and we can then focus on moving the community forward.

    Someone that can work respectfully and collaboratively with the community and other elected officials.

    I will vote for the candidate that wants a local government you can be proud of Again.

    Waitzman 2013

  2. Linda’s running for re-election using the same campaign as before.

    That equates to Linda having some nothing during her present term.

    Don’t be fooled voters.

    The only candidate thinking about a “new building” is Linda.

  3. She’s trying to pull the wool over Sun City voters once again.

    Remember – deleting the township’s Sun City senior bus schedule, leaving seniors waiting for a bus that never came.

    Attempting to hike fees for the Senior bus if they wanted a ride to the food pantry.

    Refusing to refund Sun City residents mistaken donation to Linda’s food pantry.

    Offering a refund to said Sun City seniors, but making them jump to hoops to “prove” they should get a refund.

    Don’t be fooled Sun City. Linda Moore is only interested in Linda Moore. Taxpayers be damned.

  4. This is such a joke. Linda wants to save tax dollars… if she completely ELIMINATED all taxes associated with the township (something she is incapable of doing), I would still save more money by skipping two cups of Starbucks a month for a year.

    The building is dead. It doesn’t matter who the trustees are, Linda still is incapable of working with them. She is currently involved in lawsuits with most of her family. Even THEY can’t get along with her!

    The only way to resolve the issues in Grafton is to vote Linda out.

  5. Love the picture as well! Whatever she’s pushing, Pepto would have helped.

    As far as this re-election memo to Sun City, I find it curious that it comes on the heels of PantryGate.

    Clearly, she’s scrambling to keep her senior city coalition and this is a panicked reaction to fixing the fence she, herself, tore down.

    This has to be the trustees fault, right Linda?

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