Letter Critical of MCC Health Club Feasibility Study Released

When I heard McHenry College Board member Ron Parrish cite a letter from a constituent that was critical of the College’s hiring of Power Wellness to conduct a feasibility study of whether building a new health club would be a good idea, I immediately filed a Freedom of Information request for it.

It came with the name and address of the sender withheld.

Read it below and determine for yourself whether the criticisms are legitimate:

The letter critical of the Health Club cited at the last meeting of the McHenry County College Board

The letter critical of the Health Club cited at the last meeting of the McHenry County College Board

The correspondent questions “every single study commissioned by the current administration.”  He suggests that every study has been flawed, but “miraculously” supports the position of President Vicky Smith.

Also commented upon is the $42 million cost of the current proposal…before the feasibility study has been completed.

The writer, who seems to be from the Harvard area, wonders how much could be accomplished by putting $42 million into remodeling the old Harvard Motorola plant.


Letter Critical of MCC Health Club Feasibility Study Released — 2 Comments

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