Linda Moore Advertises in Northwest Herald

Lucky for me I saw the Northwest Herald today.

And, even found a copy to take home.

Inside on the obituary page was an ad placed by Linda Moore, who is running for re-election for Grafton Township Supervisor.

Linda Moore's Friday ad in the Northwest Herald.

Linda Moore’s Friday ad in the Northwest Herald.

The ad was on the obituary page, which some might consider an omen.

On the other hand, those who read obituaries are probably more likely to vote than those who don’t.


Linda Moore Advertises in Northwest Herald — 12 Comments

  1. Yup, the Linda Moore ad on the obituary page placed her where she belonged — among the dead.

    Given her pet issue “against a new town hall” has been dead for nearly 4 years, now.

    Linda Moore is a disgrace to the conservative movement, and come February 26h, the Republican primary voters will have Marty Waitzman put Moore, and fake-Republican Pam Fender, in their places with the political careers as an obituary, too.

  2. Oncoming storm is a disgrace for the comment “among the dead”.

    No matter what side of the political equation you are on, to wish someone is “among the dead” is beyond the pale.

    I do not care if he / she was being rhetorical or not!!

  3. Actually I see nothing wrong with Oncoming storms comment.

    That woman has caused nothing but trouble in Grafton.

  4. Interesting that OnStorm believes he can decide which candidate belongs to each specific party.

    Per an earlier blog entry by Cal, candidate Waitzman cracked up a meeting of “Young Republicans” by telling an account of pretending to be a “gay police officer.”

    Does the retelling of that story by Marty make him a “real republican?”

  5. I saw the ad and wondered where do I send flowers for Moore’s political career.

    Gotta love ad placement that’s perfectly done!

    Dead as a door knob!

    Moore’s career is at the top of my 2013 Dead Pool and I expect to pick up easy points.

    Yet, in keenly watching this campaign go down in flames, is anyone else wondering who is the sugar daddy bankrolling her?

    She must be really desperate to keep the insurance because no one in their right mind would spend $10,000 to get a job that pays $30,000 annually.

    Quite the liberal spender, no?

  6. Marty is the best option in my opinion.

    Not affiliated with any of the current township BS!

    And yes…most of this stuff is BS!

  7. Looks like the public has a chance to do what the court system has failed to do! Bye bye Moore!

  8. I am so happy that she is running again because she is the only one who can stand up to those old senile non-trustees who waste our money!

    You go girl – and put your ads anywhere you like!

  9. Linda failed to attend last nights candidates debate held in Sun City.

    She did send hubby and his camcorder!

    I think Linda will be a “no show” at next weeks debate.

    I imagine Linda’s talking point will be “the building” which is a nonissue in this decade.

  10. I hope she rails on all night about the building. Talk more building, Linda!

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