Nunda Township Candidates Lee and Susan Jennings Have Literature

Two candidates running for Nunda Township Supervisor and Clerk are distributing literature in their quest for office.

Current Township Trustee Lee Jennings is running for Township Supervisor and his wife Susan is running for Township Clerk.

Their palm card can be seen below:

Lee and Susan Jennings' literature.

Lee and Susan Jennings’ literature.

Lee and Susan Jennings literature.

Lee and Susan Jennings literature.

With the exception of John Heisler’s having been removed from the Republican primary ballot, this article tells who is running for what.

The Jennings’ web site contains the following information:

Are we are husband and wife? Yes, for 22 years.

Is this nepotism? No, these are elected positions. We truly believe that we are the right candidates for both positions. However, YOU, the voters, will be making this decision.

Are there any conflicts of interest? Generally speaking, the only time when there would be a conflict of interest is when there is a tied vote between 3 Trustees and the Supervisor regarding filling a vacant Trustee position. The Clerk would then have a tie breaking vote. This is a rare instance that we would try to avoid.

Why are we running for office? We believe that Township Government, when run properly, can be one of the best values in government. Township government is the most intimate level of government, where the funds are spent locally for services and programs that directly assist the taxpayers who are footing the bill.

Unfortunately, during the last several years, Nunda Township has been fraught with in-fighting, backstabbing and questionable accounting and personnel practices. This has resulted in legal fees that far surpass what the budget can handle, leaving the Town Fund immersed in debt.

This is totally unacceptable and has to stop! Now!

We need leaders that care about the residents, not just their own political agendas or egos. We need leaders that will work with residents and other local governmental bodies to make our community a better place to live and work.

We possess these values and are committed to the following goals:

  • Fiscal Responsibility – Cutting Costs to Achieve a Balanced Budget
  • 100% Transparency – post all Financial information on the Website
  • Total Open Door Policy – this is YOUR Township!

Education, employment and community involvement information can be found here. Lee’s work in his neighborhood is really quite interesting.


Nunda Township Candidates Lee and Susan Jennings Have Literature — 14 Comments

  1. This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in McHenry County politics. . Bill Clinton said that in electing him, the nation would “get two for the price of one”, referring to the prominent role his wife would assume. The Jenning’s Slogan could be two for the price of two.

  2. This is a joke how can someone run with their wife in the same election.

    This is the crazy!!!

  3. I fully supports these two, hopefully one day I can get my wife in there and have Kopsell and his wife.

    Yall know its the best thing to do, lets get the jennings elected so we can have the township ran by nepotism

  4. Dunham Township has a husband for Supervisor and the spouse is the Clerk.

    I asked around and the voters think they are doing a great job.

    At least it would not be like the Road Commissioner in Algonquin Twp. who HIRED his wife to be his secretary and I understand she is paid in excess of $75,000 per year by Township taxpayers who also pay her salary as a County Board member.

    Voters have no say in the HIRING of family members but they do have a say in the elected position.

    Based on Dunham and how well it functions, it might be great boost for Nunda unless their Road Commissioner treats them like Kopsell treated the last Supervisor.

  5. Although I make a regular practice of making comments in my own name, I’ve never seen someone else make comments in my name.

    With all due respect to the person who posted at 3:45 pm- next time you are going to try and put words in my mouth, could you at least use proper grammar?

    Thank You!

  6. Rutland Township is just as bad.

    The Road Supervisor has a wife who is the clerk and a mother who is a trustee.

    Talk about nepotism!

    It is disgusting and a wanton misuse of the political process.

    Can you imagine what their dinner discussions are like!!!!!

    No professionalism of their individual roles in that township!

    If there were a blog site in Kane County I would post this comment there.

    Does anyone know of a comparable site?

  7. The Provanzano’s are in the “family” business of getting everyone a job in the government.

    Bridget already works in the township.

    She will hire her husband Nick for something and he is already on the County Board.

    Next come the kids.

    He already has one kid getting paid to go to events and get paid for taking picturs.

    It will never end with them.

    They want set up the family the way the Miller’s did in Algonquin township.


  8. I agree with FYI.

    I don’t know Susan Jennings, but I know Lee Jennings is just as upset about nepotism in Nunda as anyone.

    His article above explains the simple fact that electing two people to office cannot be nepotism because no favor is being shown by one to the other because of familiar connection.

    I’m voting for Lee and Susan.

    I don’t like the other candidates, Provanzano is not capable of doing the job and the Jennings are honest, capable people.

  9. Hello!! this is sad that people are bringing families into this. But I’m glad to see that the Smith’s aren’t running anymore they bring nothing but union thuggery to mchenry county.

  10. I agree the Jennings are honest capable people, they both are leaders that care about the residents of Nunda Township.

  11. Thank you Mary McClellan for your opinion.

    I appreciate your service to McHenry County Board.

    I do not appreciate that you double dip in Mchenry and cook county.

    Who are you to say when people care about the residents when obviously you do not.

    When you applied for the Judge Position where were you ranked on the list of applicants.

    Dead Last.

    Too bad you couldnt triple dip.

  12. New Flash says: I believe that people who hide behind fictitious names are exactly what they are perceived to be anonymous and without merit.

    I am not sure what you mean buy double dip.

    I work for Cook County as an attorney at a reduced rate from private practice to provide a service to the tax payers.

    I am not sure where you think that Judge ranking was at all based on truth rather than a misconception similar to your views here.

    Nevertheless, If I were to be appointed to the bench I would not be able to continue at Cook County or the Board.

    Like I said your anonymous status as well as your comments are without merit.

    If you want to discuss my work as an attorney and my work as a county board member please call me directly but don’t attack without merit to your statements.

    With all the best regards to News Flash says.

  13. I do not believe News Flash’s attacks on Mary McClellan are founded on anything other than malice and News Flash’s own political interests.

    People will say anything to discredit their political enemies and enthrone their allies.

  14. I as a voter would be comfortable with a husband as Supervisor and wife as Clerk.

    We all know that the clerks job is really a not in the office job, she/he can do the minutes at home and the Supervisor’s staff gets the Levy’s, Budgets, Annual Report, filings and any publishing in the paper done for the clerk.

    So if we can get a clerk in who gets the minutes in to the office in a timely matter and comes in and gets the paperwork to take to the county then I see no problem with Susan running for this position, and her husband running for Supervisor!

    It is working great in Dunham Township. GOOD LUCK to the both of them!

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