Nunda Sign War

If you live in or near Nunda Township, you probably have noticed political signs for Road Commissioner popping up.

The first I saw was for Iron Mike Lesperance.

Iron Mike Lesperance's sign.

Iron Mike Lesperance’s sign.

A weekend or so later, a whole lot of signs for Rob Parrish showed up in the Crystal Lake area. Clearly in his home town Parrish was winning the sign war.

Parriah sign

This past weekend, incumbent Road Commissioner Don Kopsell’s signs started showing up. The one you see below was on McHenry Avenue in Algonquin Township near Husmann Elementary School. A Parrish sign was down the street.

Don Kopsell's sign.

Don Kopsell’s sign.


Nunda Sign War — 27 Comments

  1. Not sure Parrish is winning the sign war in Crystal Lake.

    But hey, let the richest man win, right?

    How sad that uninformed voters will vote on name recognition instead of abstaining on a ballet.

    We need more people to vote, of course, but we also need people to vote who are more concerned with issues instead of name recognition.


  3. Vote Don out!

    He has done too many freebies in the Township with Township money, and the Trustees all approved the bills!

  4. Ask Don why DID he sew Nunda Township ?

    us the tax payers ?

    that pays his wife and son retirment.

    Was it personal?

  5. Sounds like Don Kopsell took a page from the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s play book.

    Can you lend us a candidate to run against Bob M??

  6. Donny start answering so questions we have lots to go.

    also what about this iron Mike guy? with his company?

    Didnt your business go out of business?

    now you want to be Road Comm?

    you couldn’t run your own business.

    sounds like your company is not to safe?

  7. Iron Mike is a packer fan. bad colors green and gold. not to smart. Go bears!!!

  8. Hey Don’s OUT,

    You don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t know how to spell it either!

    The lawsuit was about the Supervisor keeping the Highway Dept. funds.

    It could have been avoided if the Supervisor had provided the records that the Highway dept requested.

    The Supervisor caused the suit and has since resigned.

  9. Lots of FOIA’s flying around.

    Peoples asking the same questions that Heisler asked.

    Credit Cards, Trucks, Breakrooms?

    How many cars does the don need to buy in a year on taxpayer funds?

    How many family members getting benefits without working?

    Auddits and legal fees costing the people how much?

    The lawsuit was without merit so it was tossed and Donny boy is lucking out because one of the Super candidates allegedly blackmailed Heisler into quitting, so the intermim will cowtow and drop the countersuit maybe for a ghost job after his term is up?

    Yall have to wonder when the SA is going to get involved?

  10. Brent, is that you?

    These types of comments are what turns people off of politics.

    Accusations and allegations instead of facts and truths. The garbage being told as gospel.

    I’ve been hearing some real doozies.

    Shame on you

  11. Don’s son is still listed as a full time employee has not received a check since August 2012 and he is still receiving full benefits. Their daughter Jennifer received full medical insurance and she never worked for the Township!

    How come every time Don trades in a peice of equipment he either buys a car for him or Donna or the go on a cruise.

    Who gets all the money for the scrap metal that they sell?

    Daniel Kopsell

    Time to clean house in the road district and it should start with Don and all his family members.

  12. Freebies no more, you are slime and a liar — watch our for lawsuits.

    Anyone who wants to know the truth about their kids, call Don or Donna Kopsell.

    Freebies, are you R. Parrish?

  13. Srogers – the proof is in all the files and paperwork at the Township.

    So before you speak maybe you should foia some of the bills so you know really what the road district and his kingdom is doing on your tax dollars

    Remember taxpayers you pay his salary, stop the freebies and stop the corruption that Don is doing and taking advantage of your tax dollars.

    His employees work while he sits and reads the paper, takes cruises, or takes township equipment to his property in Missouri!

    Stop it now!

  14. Freebies/Parrish, you are lying to township residents. Stop it now!!!!

    Are you union and will you be entitled to union pension as well as state pension if you win?

    Do you pay property taxes in Nunda township?

    If you’re so satisfied with your Geske job why do you want to be road district supervisor?

    I think you’re a sham, digging digging digging the dirt for someone else; that’s not a good start, looks very bad.

    Nunda residents talk to each other, pass on lies you’re telling>

  15. This is not Rob Parrish.

    Yes I do pay taxes to Nunda Township!

    Talk to the residents on how Don and Donna really talk to the residents!

    They use terms with 4 lettered language in it and hang up on them.

    The proof of Don’s corruption is there you just need to know where to look!

  16. Some anonymous person claimed here that Iron Mike’s Excavating went under.

    That is not true.

    Iron Mike’s Excavating has been in operation for decades and is still a profitable enterprise.

    My father is running for public office out of an honest passion to see a change in his this system.

    His history of community involvement corroborates as much.

    If you want to call me or him a liar, please blog under your given name to give your accusation merit.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, forgive me if it sounds that way.

  17. The Daily Herald has decided folks have to log on with their Facebook account to make comments.

  18. Don runs the Road District with no concern for wasteful spending, which shows over and over!

    He quit mowing Township Property because of an arguement with John Heisler, Don has mowed all the property for the last 12 years, up til the last 2 years, now the Supervisors Office has to pay someone else to mow, and plow the Supervisors, and Assessors Office, costing the Tax Payers more money, a cost that is not needed, and all Tax Payers have to pay for because Don is childish, and refuses to mow and plow because Don can’t pay nice!

    Do we really want to re elect a Road Commissioner that can’t get past baby games?

  19. Freebies, I hear your salary broke the township. Investigation on-going.

    Kopsell’s not the problem. Keep the road district as is.

  20. Mr. Parrish is lying to residents, up close and personal. He is going door-to-door to anyone with a Don Kopsell sign in their yard to investigate why and then proceed to talk trash. He really has no confidence at all to fulfill the role of Highway Commissioner. But that’s what happens when you have little to no skills.

    Iron Mike is taking advantage of residents too by putting up signs on private property wherever he pleases. A friend’s mom passed away and the house is in Nunda Township. While going over there to check the house a Iron Mike sign was up in the yard.

    Who gave permission? No one! How pathetic and twisted is that?

    Both Parrish and Iron Mike are playing DIRTY!

  21. Srogers:

    Freebies no more is either John Heisler or Wendy Valzano.

    They want to still be heard but in a cowardly way.

    It’s pathetic to bring in the Kopsell kids. You’re absolutely right to ask the Kopsells themselves about the kids instead of bringing it on here.

    This makes me sick that politics have to go that far.

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