Tonya Franklin Helps Launch Tea Party Community, Facebook Competitor for Conservatives

I got a phone call from Tonya Franklin this afternoon.

You may remember that Franklin stepped forward to run against Democrat Jack Franks when local Republicans failed to recruit a candidate.

“I hope to help McHenry County on a larger scale,” Franklin wrote, “….remembering our POTUS said something recently about not being able to change if from the inside or making a bigger difference from the outside (or something of that nature). Finally I agree with him on something.”

She’s in Boca Raton, where the temperature is undoubtedly a lot warmer than the15 degrees in Crystal Lake.

But Franklin didn’t call to gloat.

She called to tell me she was operating the back end of a new enterprise called “Tea Party Community.”

I asked her to send me an email telling about the new enterprise and you can see it below:

Fed up with censorship of conservative views on Facebook, a group including Tonya Franklin has started a competitor called Tea Party Community.

Fed up with censorship of conservative views on Facebook, a group including Tonya Franklin has started a competitor called Tea Party Community.  There were 100,000 members when this interview aired on Saturday morning, February 2, 2013.

“FOX and Friends interview this morning with our Co-Founder Ken Crow…FOX & Friends this morning

Todd Stearns announces the Tea Party Community social media web site.

Todd Starnes announces the Tea Party Community social media web site.

“FOX News Radio article from Todd Starnes. Article from Todd Starnes explain more.

“Tim Selaty Sr. is Founder (with tons of help from his wife Michelle) and Tim Jr. built the site, I am the General Site Manager. We have a team of Volunteers, Moderators, Admin, that help us run the site. Which is close to 100,000 today. We opened it up to our immediate friends and family to test the site and work out the glitches in November and to staff the site.

“When we got to about 40,000 we set the launch date for today.

“Then the site took off with publicity from several large Conservative groups who were censored by facebook and threatened to have their pages taken down. We started getting requests for interviews and the rest is history. It all coincided this week with the launch. To which I am very grateful.

“Today, Saturday February the 2nd, we are having a 2 hour live webcast as well as being broadcast on a 50,000 watt clear channel station out of South Florida. 5-7 pm eastern time (”
See the Fox and Friends interveiw below:


Tonya Franklin Helps Launch Tea Party Community, Facebook Competitor for Conservatives — 16 Comments

  1. This is awesome – we need a conservative place to pass information. Facebook censors WAY too much.

    Really happy to see this and nice work Tonya!

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Sorry Joe, you will just have to read about it.

    No time to talk with 100,000 members and growing.

    Thanks Cal!

    However I want to mention I couldn’t get a return flight from Florida that would get me back here in time to teach on Monday and with 12 hours of class I had no way to get a substitute.

    I called in for the show.

    Here is the link for the whole program.

    Our site suffered a very high level, sophisticated attack today that makes the anonymous hackers look like toddlers.

    We have been notified that our site will be down for a minimum of 24-48 hours. This is only temporary and shows that we have been heard.!

  3. Two ways to look at it.

    Tea baggers tired of being challenged on the internet when they say crazy things.

    Or they want to be around people who will just cheer and not point out that their little libertarian utopia is not as good as it sounds in their dreams.

    It’s too bad that they didn’t have the opposite idea, somewhere to vette the less crazy ideas and organize for change.

    (Of course they can’t organize, because organizing is something that unions do, and unions are evil therefore …)

    P.S. Joe please run for gov, please pretty please.

  4. Using vulgar terms against those you disagree with, doesn’t help your cause there Peeping.

    Maybe you ought to stop watching and start learning something.

    Instead you beg anonymous folks on a blog site to do the work for you and to run for office.

    I prefer to know the candidates I support.

  5. Of course the ever tolerant left has hacked the site since this morning’s Fox & Friend’s reveal of the launch.

    The propagandists cannot have any dissent.

    It will simply not be tolerated.

    Some speech is just more “equal” than other.

  6. Of course that is merely because there doesn’t appear to be anyone amongst the far right with the skills to hack a site-

    “The Propagandists” are just like you- passionate about their opinion- just with more skill.

  7. We do not consider it skilled to hack a site.

    We consider it stealing, bearing false witness against a neighbor and coveting our neighbor’s goods.

    How’s that for trendy?

    The moral are the revolutionaries the rest are the provocateurs for the state.

  8. This posturing, by both sides, has already become tiresome .

    The struggle to be the center of attention, distracts and diminishes the message of the Tea Party.

    Put your egos aside, stop dwelling on the perceived intrigue, hacking, etc. and people will stick with you; to keep looking for the spotlight Tonya, only hurts the Party and their message.

    Fortunately, you won’t hear from me again on the blog, so hopefully, you’ll have nothing to respond to and we can hear what other people are doing with their lives.

  9. There were 78500 members when I joined

    Not even 24 hours later, there were 90000+ members. Once they get the security issue figured out…

    The passion to make sure what happened in 2012 never happens again is intense.

    It will make a difference in 2014 and once that difference is realized, there will be hell to pay, no doubt.

    Libs may have won this battle (2012 election) but, they won’t win this war (for America).

    Hacking the site is so typical of them…which, I’m sure, will only help to add an additional 100,000 members by next week.

    Thank you hackers!

  10. I’m sorry our friends on the right feel they need to create a “safe space” for their ideas.

    I guess I’m an oddity in that I think you need to interact with those who feel differently to test and prove your viewpoints (hence my participation in this forum).

    I don’t think you are well served by only talking to people who think as you do.

  11. Joe,

    You’re missing the point.

    We don’t care about testing our viewpoints with you because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to win a debate with a lib.

    Our goal is to influence the impressionable, uninformed voter; the ones starting to realize that voting for the cult figure, because it’s the hip thing to do, isn’t always the best thing to.

    TPC isn’t a “debate with libs” site Joe.

    It’s a vehicle to organize the Conservative base to take this country back, starting in 2014.

    It’s a “gated” community where all AREN’T welcome…you included Joe.

  12. Wow MR … you want to take back the country, except “Joe.”

    I’ll bet that totally works.

    (the previous comment was tongue in cheek, or satire, it is not meant to infer that “conservatives” notice the quotes, will be taking anything back in 2015, or 2020 for that matter … now I entirely expect MR will reply, thank you, because they believe that I was endorsing their idea as a potentially successful idea–which it obv is not. And after that I would expect MR to be sort of self congratulatory for accepting that endorsement when in fact it was a joke, sort of like ….)

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