Road Commissioners Slush Funds Mntioned by Belvidere Township Assessor

Boone County Watchdog masthead.

Boone County Watchdog masthead.

I was reading an article Boone County Watchdog criticizing the Belvidere Township Assessor’s petty cash fund when I ran across the following in a referenced article in the Belvidere Daily Republican:

“In addition, she [Assessor Diann Helnore] said she understands township Road Commissioner Richard Lee has ‘a slush fund, gleaned from selling scrap metal and cans picked up along township roads.

“But [Belvidere Township Supervisor Pat] Murphy said that doesn’t happen anymore. ‘In the old days all the townships did that,’ he said.”

Does anyone know anything about such a practice?


Road Commissioners Slush Funds Mntioned by Belvidere Township Assessor — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve heard that Algonquin Township’s recyclables are “given” to the vendors who then sell them, instead of the Township taxpayers getting revenue from the recycling program.

    You may seeTownship employees helping on the paint recycling day; I’d like to know if the “volunteers” who help are paid??

    If they are paid, are these volunteers related to anyone?

  2. Submit a FOIA to each Township requesting a detailed accounting of petty cash and / or ‘imprest’ account(s).

    Maybe all townships eventually have ‘scrap’ which is taken to a ‘recycler’ or sold.

    While you are at it you may also want to request details of ALL overweight and culvert permits.

  3. “Six current and former Northern Illinois University officials and employees were arraigned Friday on charges they sold scrap material belonging to the school and deposited the proceeds in a private bank account.

    The six are among nine people connected to NIU who were charged earlier this month with felony theft, misconduct and other charges related to the so-called coffee fund scandal.”

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