Joe Walsh Endorses Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

A press release from former Congressman Joe Walsh follow. Walsh lives in McHenry and is McHenry County’s first resident to serve in the U.S. Congress.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff

February 5, 2013 — Former Illinois 8th District Congressman, Joe Walsh, today enthusiastically threw his support behind Bill Prim, Republican Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff in 2014. Walsh represented McHenry County in the U.S. Congress from 2010-12 and still lives in McHenry. Walsh issued the following statement:

“Bill Prim is exactly what the McHenry County Sheriff’s office needs – an honest, principled candidate who will fight for smaller government and fight for real reform of the Sheriff’s office.

“It’s no secret that the Sheriff’s office would benefit greatly from a healthy dose of good government, transparency, and reform.

“As the only fresh, outside reformer in this race, Bill is the only candidate capable of cleaning up the ‘good old boys, insider’ atmosphere that has permeated the office for far too long.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“Bill is a long time McHenry County resident, a great family man, has a sterling professional law enforcement career and believes fervently in

  • personal liberty
  • gun rights
  • family values
  • making government accessible to the entire community

“‘He’s a good guy and will provide a fresh new, inclusive voice to an office that desperately needs it.'”

Bill Prim had the following to say about the Walsh endorsement:

“It’s an honor to have the support of Congressman Walsh.

“He went to Washington to fight for freedom and limited government and to clean up government at the national level.

“He ran against political insiders and career politicians.

“I intend to run on the same platform at the County level.”

The former Congressman intends to do all he can to help Bill Prim get elected.


Joe Walsh Endorses Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff — 26 Comments

  1. Joe continues his stance on making commitments and standing by them.

    Bill Prim is the right man at the right time.

    Kudos to Joe in staying engaged now and in the future.

  2. Aw man, poor Bill Prim.

    If Walsh really wanted to get this guy elected he’d endorse anybody else.

    I can’t help but think: If Joe Walsh likes the guy, there has to be something seriously wrong with him.

  3. Of Walsh had not been a victim of redistricting, he would have one.

    He is a strong candidate with a large following.

    Joe, you sound like a sour grapes guy for the opposition.

    Bill Prim is the man we need. Not Pack and Nygren re treds

  4. Well…now I can cross Prim off my list of possible candidates I’d vote for.

  5. Joe is honorable and followed through with what he said he’d do in Washington!

    He more than earned my trust, he earned my respect and gratitude.

    His endorsement is a big plus for Mr. Prim.

    I’m sure Joe will continue to be a stand-out in standing up for the Constitution and it’s limitations on tyranny.

  6. As a Walsh supporter. I am very disappointed in this choice.

    Joe has not been around McHenry County enough to have any idea of what is real and what is illusory.

  7. “Commander William Prim” is a man of integrity and is well known within the Federal Law Enforcement Community for his expertise in financial fraud issues.

    Folks are free to endorse whom ever they wish. So now we have those commentators trying to link the “Commander” to anybody who might not be as perfect as they believe they are?

    “Commander Bill Prim” still, is active on a voluntary basis within his department ‘still’ as of this day, February 5, 2013.

    He is a dedicated parent and active with police programs that benefit children.

    No, not like the kind “Zinke” refers to as “Domestic Issues,” as he tried to dumb down his own Sergeant’s deplorable behavior that was going on right beneath this own nose, on his own department issued computers.

    “Commander Bill Prim,” McHenry County Sheriff, 2014 and beyond!

  8. Desplaines – thank you.

    The false rumors about Bill Prim are being fostered by the desperate attempts of the people running against him.

    He is a man of honor, experience and what this county needs to clean out the corruption.

    The corrupt are truly afraid of him.

  9. Desplaines – I suggest you repeat your comment on the Northwest Herald article.

    People need to know the truth.

    Really, who cares at this point who the congressman election loser “endorses.”

    Prim is being endorsed by ALL LOSERS. He is NOT a winner.

    He just lost my vote. C’Mon, Joe Walsh? Desperation.

    Let’s ask Joe Walsh about his back child support and then tell us what a family man Prim is.


  11. Isabella, would you mind naming “ALL” the losers please who are endorsing “Commander Prim?”

    I won’t comment on who is endorsing Mr. Zinke and Mr. Harrison because it really doesn’t matter.

    A candidate can’t control who comes out publicly to support them.

    Should Mr. Zinke be labeled as the “Porn” Candidate because of he has a self proclaimed “Porn Star” endorsing him and attending his ‘family’ fundraisers?

    I don’t really think so….in all fairness. Oh it makes for some fun fodder, but it means nothing when it comes down to ‘issues.’

    Mr. Harrison, thus far, is a no show, and is hanging out with the Ghosts of McHenry County past.

    But, that doesn’t mean he may or may not be an effective Sheriff. It’s early on yet, perhaps Mr. Harrison is no different than any other candidate, money is tough to raise right now.

    The point being is that it’s a compliment to have a person, no matter what you think of the person endorsing you, a candidate must remain thankful.

    I am not sure about your comment Isabella about Mr. Walsh.

    I watched him being lynched by the “Dead Beat” dad issues. But, what I found odd, was that Mr. Walsh’s children LIVED WITH HE and his current wife and NOT with the mother?

    If I recall, Mr. Walsh had some business and or health issues that can happen to anybody, any politician at anytime. Truth is, most Americans are one major medical diagnosis away from bankruptcy!

    In the end, Mr. and the former Mrs. Walsh reportedly, quietly, with class, worked out what was best for their children.

    Frankly, the facts of the Walsh family issue were none of anybody’s business UNLESS Mr. Walsh just walked out and never paid. HE HAD CUSTODY of the children. So, that story is a dead issue.

    Attacking ‘supporters’ is a waste of valuable print. Let’s see what the candidates are all about.

    Just because one might support one candidate over any other, does not mean that supporter has anything against the other candidates, that is unless they are people like you who have an obvious ax to grind with a supporter thus try to ‘paint’ the candidate in the same light.

    I want to see each candidates ideas for the future. I hope the NW Herald gives each candidate a fair opportunity and fair share of print space.

    My personal choice is “Commander William Prim.” Why, because he is a man I personally know to be quality leader with a vast resume.

    His achievements will be placed forth is due time.

    Should we all blame M.r Zinke for Deputy Greg Pyle?

    If so, then Mr. Zinke hasn’t a chance.

    So Isabella, be careful what you wish for, respectively.

  12. FYI, I wouldn’t waste my time placing any comments on the NW Herald.

    If they don’t’ like a comment because it does not fit their agenda, they take it down, or, they ‘re-post’ the story and remove all original comments.

    I get up each morning, go to the NW Herald online edition, click on the obituaries, and if my name isn’t listed,

    “I start up the coffee pot and move to a place I can get real local news that has meaning to the folks of McHenry County.”

    That being, McHenry County Blog!

    The Herald if I had to give them ANY compliment, would be their coverage of local sports, only.

    Other than that, they just copy the IP news of which I can catch on the ‘home page’ of Yahoo!

    All county wide candidates in the Sheriffs race, should prepare to raise 100,000.00 if they are to get their message out to the public via personal mailers, radio spots and so forth.

    The Herald has a very limited penetration percentage.

  13. Prim supported the Democrat party in the last Sheriff election and is running as a Republican?

    That is troubling.

    More troubling is all the reporting around the current corruption investigations and allegations of grant fraud at the Department he was a Commander.

    It is interesting to see Bianchi donors starting to line up with Prim, they obviously want change and a candidate more friendly to their camp.

    It is going to be intriguing to watch how the investigations of his former department play out and if one of the local political cliques vetted their candidate prior to ramping up support.

  14. “Butseriouslynow,” certainly, you have a valid argument of which I respect your view point.

    But let’s not condemn Commander Prim without due process.

    I’M willing to listen to U.S Sheriff Zinke’s side of why he didn’t know what was going on with Pyle and his other deputy who was having sex with an informant during an active narcotic investigation. Or the RITA situation.

    Bottom line is we need a hands on Sheriff.

    The citizen’s deserve it, but more than this, the employees all deserve a person at the helm who will be there for them, day in, day out.

    I’m willing to listen to Mr. Zinke’s reasons for why he didn’t catch what was all going on.

    Let’s face it, the office is political in nature, so we are going to have to stomach some glad handing and unusual ‘bed partnering.’ It’s the nature of the beast.

    In the end, let’s hope the hard working Deputies, Sheriffs Department staff and the citizens get a good man, not a perfect man, but a good man who tries each day to do his level best.

    Thank you.

  15. Zinke and Pyle were friends, not just co workers.

    With the search and arrest of Pyle histail was covered by the SO which Zinke was part of.

    The problems with Nygren were so serious there was a group in McHenry County called Republicans for Mahon.

    That occured because Zane Seipler lost to Nygren and the Dem was tha better choice.

    Nygren was Dem as well.

    Actually ran as a Dem in McHenry County and because he could not win he “became a Rep.”

    So, “butt seriously”, you are all wet!!!

    Desplaines – Harrison was Nygren and Pack’s “Do Boy” lawyer and made millions off of the county.

    He and Gary Pack were social friends and were openly seen all around town and elsewhere dining and drinking together.

    His well dried up when Bianchi won and was not out sourcing everything to Harrison the way Pack did.

    Pack went out a disgraced SA due to his friendship with drug people.

    We do not need or want “inside” people taking over. Nothing willl change and it will still be an office that protects and serves itself.

    I DO NOT include all of the very good deputies that have to work in that hell hole environment.

  16. I never “wished” for anything. Can’t you read?


    This website is not worth my time and efforts.

    It’s obvious that blogs such as this one are nothing but a waste of time.

    Fight amongst yourselves.

  17. All I can say is Wow, Joe Walsh endorsed someone … this is almost as good as Newt Gingrich’s endorsement.

  18. How many men can say they served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

    I don’t care what you think of Mr. Gingrich, everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

    But really… many people on the face of this earth can say they attained such an amazing position in life?

    My guess is “Watching” has not, respectively.

    I think it’s a privilege that Speaker Gingrich would even step foot in McHenry County.

    There have been, as far as I can recall, only two men from McHenry County who have had the power and class to attract such political power to our humble county.

    Those men, Mr. Al Jourdan (who ran the county with class and quiet dignity, not like a ‘Don,’) and now a very humble, yet highly capable man, Mr. Matt McNamara of Huntley, Illinois.

    Thanks Mr. McNamara!

    “Commander Prim” you must be one heck of a good man to draw such a national figure.

    Thanks Speaker Gingrich for even considering such a request as I am sure you’re a very busy man.

  19. “I think it’s a privilege that Speaker Gingrich would even step foot in McHenry County.” end quote


    Are we really not that worthy?

    I suppose we should be honored that a police commander from Cook County should be “lowering” himself to us also?

    Sorry but if you think so little of our beautiful county that we should be honored that outsiders grace us with their presence whether we agree with them or not, perhaps we should be sticking with one of our own that has spent a life in service here.

  20. Chaps my hide, that once again we have a bunch from outside this county coming in and saying we bumpkins should be honored some guy from Cook County is even willing to make McHenry County his “retirement” job.

  21. Wow DD, you are right I have never been Speaker of the House. I mean I am literally laughing right now. Good Point, sir! You win!..

    (the preceding was typed tongue in cheek, I am sure that DD will immediately self congratulate at the “win” puffing out chest slightly win a smile totally ignoring the fact that I said it to be funny. Like when the Onion said that the leader of North Korea was the most eligible male on the planet (he believed it also).)

    Nothing could top the former Speaker of the House (literally a professional professorial gasbag), coming to McHenry County in support of a candidate for Sheriff who is from another county … nothing.

  22. I am sorry I got that wrong, Cal.

    Remind me, Where did he get his police experience again?

  23. Prim was a commander with the Des Plaines Police Department until he retired last year.

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