Joe Walsh Excoriates Pat Quinn for Being “Out of Touch”

If there were any questions about whether former Congressman Joe Walsh was at least thinking about running for Illinois Governor, the following commentary on Pat Quinn’s State of the State speech ought to dispel them:

“Back in 2011, Governor Quinn came to DC and sat down with our Congressional Delegation.

“Over the course of that hour he talked about how wonderful things were going in Illinois.

“I remember leaving that meeting with a Democrat colleague of mine shaking our heads at how utterly out of touch he was.

Joe Walsh speaking to the Huntley Area Tea Party.

Joe Walsh speaking to the Huntley Area Tea Party.

“The same thought went thru my head listening to Quinn deliver the State of the State Address yesterday.

    • We’re the least credit worthy state in the country
    • We have the highest unfunded pension liability in the country
    • Our unemployment rate is 8.7%, near the highest in the nation
    • We’re so far in debt that we cant pay our bills
    • Taxpayers and companies are leaving Illinois at a faster pace than any other State in the Country
    • Even before the 2011 income tax hike, Illinois had the ninth highest overall tax burden nationwide.

“To repeat — individuals and companies are flying out of this State permanently faster than out of any other State in this Country…and this Governor spends an hour talking about

  • guns and
  • gay marriage.

“Beyond belief, he proposes to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, which will only make more companies and jobs leave Illinois.

“Yes, its very sad that our governor is so out of touch, but in truth, he’s not very relevant here.

“One Party runs this State and one man – Mike Madigan – runs that Party.

“That fact won’t change until there is an actual Republican party in this State that makes its case for freedom and limited government and fights like heck to win people over to that case.

“For too long, the Democrats and Michael Madigan have allowed Illinois to become the least business friendly

  • most in debt
  • most corrupt State in the Country

“For too long Republicans have been afraid to stand for anything and have been perfectly willing to accept whatever crumbs Madigan and the Democrats would give them.

“That has to change or Illinois will never recover.”


Joe Walsh Excoriates Pat Quinn for Being “Out of Touch” — 22 Comments

  1. Sometimes the truth is hard to take.

    The strong are willing to listen, learn, and then lead.

    We can take the easy road that it has been said, leads to destruction. Or we can take the narrow road that leads to life.

    Life is short, so let’s start leading together and make the choices that will build strength in our community, not shadow the truth of fiscal responsibility.

    Stand with Joe.

  2. I agree with Larry Emery (above).

    I was listening to Governor Quinn’s speech and I was disheartened by how much he disregarded issues such as the financial situation the state is overall, with no highlight of how to fix the situation.

  3. Walsh excoriates Quinn for being out of touch?

    Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

    Mr. Self-Promotion strikes again.

    Having said that, the good Mr. Thorsen is spot on.

  4. REAL AMERICAN LEADERS never shy away from the truth…and are always willing to lead from the front when going into battle…especially when they are battling for their country, state, home, family, freedoms and rights!

    Joe’s army of followers universally agree on one thing…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with the Democrat Party BS.

  5. Republicans and especially Conservatives have no voice in IL. in Springfield the true conservative is hard to find, although there are few good ones there.

    IL. south of Chicago is largely conservative.

    We need leaders like Joe to speak up for us and work to change the way business is done in this state.

    I applaud all he is doing to reform the state of Illinois.

  6. Good article Mr. Skinner.

    It does seem (I’m hoping!) that Congressman Walsh will entertain running for Gov of IL when you put it all together as your article did.

    I think a total change is needed in IL and I don’t know of another person that is capable of taking that challenge on without kissing the political butts of his/her party.

    The names that have already been floated for the Republican party have been there and done that.

    IL needs someone who will lead outside the standard political play book.

    I believe Congressman Walsh is that person.

    Congressman Walsh has what it takes to right this ship.

    Just ask the people from his District.

  7. Pretty boy media whore.

    He never had and never will have anything of substance to add.

  8. Joe tells it like it is!

    He has never strayed from his ideals and I would love to see him back in public office!

    When I listen to him (town halls, special functions, etc.), I feel all warm and fuzzy because he loves our country and wants the government to be financially responsible and follow the constitution.

    Our government is an embarrassment!

    Love ya, Joe!

  9. Joe is absolutely right.

    I and my husband would leave IL right now if we were able to.

    I’m ashamed to tell people I live in IL, the most corrupt state in the country.

    He is the only one who isn’t afraid to speak about the atrocities that are going on here.

    Everybody else is afraid of the Democratic Mafia.

    It amazes me how many people are merrily going along as if nothing is wrong, like a bunch of lemmings.

    I’m proud of you Joe.

    Keep up the great work and maybe we can dig our way out of this mess before we are totally bankrupt.

  10. I have still not heard a single thing he would change in how the business of the state is done.

    Show me how to fix it and you will have my vote. Solutions not rhetoric.

  11. Mr. Potty Mouth John doesn’t leave his last name. Your comment added nothing here, except that most of the media IS whorish.

    Joe Walsh is not.

    He has continued to speak the truth of what is happening in this state and country.

    Many don’t like it.

    Too bad.

    The party in power, and the other powerless party continue to ignore it, as does most of the so called news “reporters”.

    Get used to his voice, it’s not going anywhere.

  12. It never passes to amaza me how only cowards never use their real names, only “john” when they attack people they know nothing about! Cowards, and low lifes like “john”, are a dime a dozen.

  13. Hey Joe, Typical of a Walsh supporter.

    When you disagree with someone else you result to name calling.

    How about pointing out what Walsh did accomplish.

    Oh and maybe try proof reading your comment before posting.

  14. Cannot deny what Joe is saying is the truth.

    I don’t know what it takes for the people of Illinois to realize we can’t sink any lower.

    Why do the people keep electing losers like Quinn and Madigan?

  15. I, Too, am ashamed to admit that I live in Illinois.

    We need new leadership if we stand a chance of surviving and Joes Walsh is speaking the truth.

    Lets stop with the name calling and get behind a man that wants to be fiscally responsible.

    I support Joe Walsh!

  16. “John says: Oh and Joe I know a blow hard when I see one.”

    Of course you do, you see one in the mirror every time you look…

    and Joe Walsh has offered solutions…

    it is just the media doesn’t like to cover/publish his answers…

    and since you seem to know all, you go and find them yourself…

    here is a clue…

    don’t brother looking for them in YOUR news media, you will not find them there…

    expand your mind, look things up, and READ…

    and then evaluate and comment

  17. To John & Inish – the first step to being able to get to solutions is to be honest about the problems & the fact that nothing that is being done currently is helping at all.

    What Joe is saying is correct – we need to develop a strong Republican Party to be able to get an honest debate about the problems & solutions.

  18. Cliff you need to take your own advice and not just regurgitate what the far right pundits spew as truth.

    Once again you’ve made my point.

    The far right believes if you say it loud and with venom it makes it true.

    All Walsh did in congress was criticize and never offered solutions.

  19. John you are exactly what we Americans, who believe in what is right for our country, are fighting. You are aligned with the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda and ideology…many of us are definitely not. You obviously believe you are doing the same. The biggest difference between both sides is that the “right” is suportive of our Constitution, and we view those on the “left” as trying to dilute it and instead have our government be more in line with a socialist European form of government. We do not need, nor have ever needed any news organization to explain it to us. Your comments about a man you know nothing about is obvious…the same words come out of Rachel Madcow…so we all know were you go to for your news…MSNBC of course.

    BTW…Joe Walsh did everything he promised his supporters he would do, and he is highly admired for it…and has a legion of followers nationwide because of it. Your insults of him, insult the rest of us…nothing new to us who support him.

  20. Joe, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me one thing Walsh accomplished.

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