Crystal Lake Library Board Member Chuck Ebann Outlines Council Qualifications

Chuck Ebann lays out his background and community involvement in this message about his candidacy for the Crystal Lake City Council”

Chuck Ebann

Chuck Ebann

“I am a candidate for the City Council of Crystal Lake. I look forward to serving the City and keeping it an attractive place for business and families.

“I believe my work experience and community involvement for the past 9 years will be of benefit to the position.

“I will be a steward of our tax money.

“I believe we can attract businesses and families by the promotion and encouragement of recreational activities, proactively soliciting retail businesses, and managing to our 30-year comprehensive plan.

“I intend to be an advocate for careful management of our tax money. We should continue to control personnel levels and control project expenditures to stay within budgets. I support continuing to fund the general fund without any tax levy money.

“Retired from Morton International since 2003 (after 31 years as a purchasing and business operations executive), I have been active in the community.

“I served as President of the Wedgewood Association Inc. (homeowners association), and served on the Board and as President of Crystal Lake Country Club (CLCC). Currently I am President of CLCC’s Scholarship Foundation and serve as Chair of the Scholarship selection committee.

“In addition, I currently serve as a Trustee of the Crystal Lake Public Library.

“I am married with 1 son, and my wife and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this year.

“Please check out my facebook page, (click “About” for more info)

“I look forward to your support.

“Thank you,

“Chuck Ebann”


Crystal Lake Library Board Member Chuck Ebann Outlines Council Qualifications — 1 Comment

  1. If Ebann supported the $715 per square foot library addition plan, then he is has proven himself fiscally irresponsible and not fit to serve on the City Council.

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