Write-Ins for April Election

Your vote for Mickey Mouse won't be counted in Illinois anymore.

Your vote for Mickey Mouse won’t be counted in Illinois anymore.

There are some people who care about government enough to try to win election through a write-in.

Gone are the days of being able to write yourself or Mickey Mouse in and have such a vote counted.

First the General Assembly force people to register their intentions the week before.

Then two weeks before.

Now we’re up to about two months before.

In fact, the deadline passed last Thursday.

And, one vote isn’t enough to get one elected. Write-in candidates must obtain the same number of valid votes as the number of signatures they would have had to gather had they petitioned to get on the ballot.

The full McHenry County ballot has not yet been published, but I can think of one district that continually issues bonds without a referendum–the Crystal Lake Park District–for which no one filed for one vacancy. (The West Beach House was built without voters having been asked to approve it.)

Here are the people who have stepped forward to ask for write-ins:


APRIL 9, 2013


  • Village of Lakemoor President – Kimberly Beach, 28623 Wagon Trail Rd., Lakemoor
  • Village of McCullom Lake Trustee – Anthony “Tony” Koczor, 4704 Parkview Dr., McCullom Lake


  • Hebron-Alden-Grenwood FPD Trustee – Leo C. Tibbits Jr, 9614 St. Albans St., Hebron


  • McHenry Library Trustee – Monica Leccese, 7112 Mohawk Dr., McHenry
  • Spring Grove Trustee – Susan Sucher, 2315 Falcon Ln., Spring Grove


  • Crystal Lake Commissioner – Michele Hartwig, 9705 S. Muirfield. Lakewood


  • School District 46 Board Member – Vickie Marconi, 2515 Willow Creek Rd., Prairie Grove
  • School District 46 Board Member – Mischelle Yantis, 3714 Overland Rd., Crystal Lake
  • School District 156 Board Member – Timothy Hying, 2107 Olde Mill Ln., McHenry
  • School District 157 Board Member – Jennifer Read, 3406 Forest Ridge Dr., Spring Grove


Write-Ins for April Election — 3 Comments

  1. Conveniently, you neglected to mention that David Moore wants to be a Grafton Trustee while his wife wants to continue to preside as Grafton Supervisor.

    Illinois sure has a great way of legalizing patronage.

    Why would taxpayers vote for these people?

  2. This is just more evidence of the legislature not allowing the public to speak by not speaking.

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