Moore Buys Sticker on Front Page of Northwest Herald

Linda Moore's early voting reminder that was affixed to the top of the front page of the Northwest Herald Tuesday.

Linda Moore’s early voting reminder that was affixed to the top of the front page of the Northwest Herald Tuesday.

On Lincoln’s Birthday I was waiting for my son at the Sage YMCA near Route 31 in Crystal Lake and saw the sticker you see above on the front page of the Northwest Herald.

I don’t know whether it was a subscription that the YMCA purchased and put out in the waiting room or whether someone brought it in.

In any event, the sticker marked the first day of early voting. I saw no other reminder in the paper (nor was there one on McHenry County Blog).

Regardless, the Y is not in Grafton Township. It’s a couple of miles into Algonquin Township, so if it were a subscription copy, Moore probably didn’t get a return for her money on the advertising.

It might help spur turnout in all three townships with GOP primary elections, however.


Moore Buys Sticker on Front Page of Northwest Herald — 10 Comments

  1. In the aftermath of the judge’s ruling yesterday (and the extensive coverage on First Electric Newspaper), the timing of some advertisement for Linda Moore sticking can be extended to the judge’s ruling, and Moore sticking to some excuse that she had received bad advice.

    One thing you have to say about Moore’s re-election campaign, she’s pouring a lot of money into her effort. Additionally, since her husband, David, is now a write-in candidate who only needs 12 valid write-in votes to qualify for the April 9th election, the stakes are clearly doubled for Moore’s re-election bid. Unless we see some real spending from supervisor challengers Marty Waitzman and Pam Fender, Moore could very well win re-nomination to a 2nd term as Grafton Township supervisor.

    And this, in spite of Grafton Township’s books had a grand total of $8,500 in the bank (per the First Electric Newspaper story this morning).

  2. I’m sorry that’s not a photo of Linda in an orange prison jumpsuit.

    Why isn’t Linda Moore being found in contempt of court news for readers of this blog?

  3. The shuckin’ & jivin’ continues from this desperate candidate. Her campaign finds money mysteriously while it’s clearly in debt just like her township.

    Don’t get fooled again, Grafton. You’ve been bilked once by Moore and her Coyne Station comrades — don’t get fooled twice!

    Judge Caldwell’s decision should indeed spur turnout — to get her inept arse out!!

  4. The sticker was a waste of money. “JUDGE ORDERS GRAFTON SUPERVISOR TO JAIL FOR CONTEMPT” reads this evenings online version of The Northwest Herald.

    I’m not sure if the story will be on the front page of the print version of The Herald.

    How ironic if the paper carried a photo of Linda along with her contempt charge, as well as her paid sticker.

    There’s no such thing as bad press, right Linda?

  5. “There is no such thing as bad press, right Linda?”

    Umm, yeah there is.

  6. Because I was not in court.

    But, now you have put the information out there.

  7. You didn’t go to Jesse Jr’s court date either, right?

    It stings when your favorite candidate does an unprecidented crash and burn.

  8. The McHenry County Blog – is a JOURNAL of news and opinion designed to BRING TO LIGHT MATTERS OF PUBLIC INTEREST and to encourage public participation in the governmental process. Emphasis will be on McHenry County, but Illinois state news will be covered. Articles and photos are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without explicit written permission.

    JOURNALISM is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. – George Orwell

  9. $500K in Township accounts when Linda Moore is elected four years ago.

    -$30K (negative) reported in Township accounts this week.

    A special township meeting is scheduled for this coming week. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss BORROWING money for township necessities like payroll, utilities, etc.

    Thanks Linda!

  10. There has been no court hearing in Jackson’s case. I got the indictment from the Public Information Office of the Justice Department in Washington, D.C.

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