22-Year Old Algonquin Township Trustee Candidate Melissa Sanchez Takes Offense at Smear Campaign

An email sent by recent University of Illinois at Springfield college graduate (who has a job) Melissa Sanchez.  She interned in House Republican Leader Tom Cross’ office.

Melissa Sanchez

Melissa Sanchez

Dear Neighbors,

It has come to my attention that some constituents of Algonquin Township are under the impression that I already am an elected official, and voted to raise my own salary.

I am fiscally conservative, and have promised to not vote on any more pay raises for Township Trustees.

This is the exact opposite of the rumor that is being spread about my person.

I cannot say how ardently hurt I was to find out that rumors are being spread about my political title, as of right now I identify myself as a Republican, precinct committeewoman, and concerned citizen.

This smear campaign to confuse the vote of many should not and will not be tolerated.

I hope that the people who have started this clandestine rumor will come forward with an apology.

This is the first time I have ever sought public office in the state of Illinois.

I want constituents to know that this smear campaign is an attack on my campaign, and that of any person who has run for office and had lies told about them.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of early voting until the 23 of February, and to vote on February 26th.

I thank everyone for their support, and help during my campaign to change Algonquin Township for the better.


22-Year Old Algonquin Township Trustee Candidate Melissa Sanchez Takes Offense at Smear Campaign — 13 Comments

  1. What kind of example have we set for these young people?

    We are handing them a country in a mess that they will have to pay for and this is what we do?

    It is unconscionable!!

    We want our young people to take over in a responsible manner and get involved with the process for its betterment.

    This is what they have to experience from those who should be their role models??

  2. The debt accelerated during Bush’s last two budget years.

    Obama’s debt is a continuation of that trend and neither Bush nor Obama are directly responsible for that acceleration.

    It happened because of the recession.

    Bush set the all-time record by increasing the debt by $1.1 trillion in 100 days between July 30 and Nov 9, 2008—but that had little to do with his choices.

    Recessions cut tax revenues—in this case, dramatically.

    That accounts for nearly half of the deficit. So blaming Obama for the full deficit is like blaming him for not raising the tax rate to keep tax revenues up.

  3. Ah, the trials and tribulations of a fledgling bureaucrat.

    Now what’s her plan for eliminating, this unnecessary layer of government, called Townships?

  4. (mcHenry county combine watcher says) Seriously are YOU kidding us, Have you seen the last Presidential election, Melissa has much to learn especially when it comes to ALGONQUIN Township,

    What Melissa needs is a good mentor someone to explain that many public officials will do whatever it take’s to get re-elected and LYING is at the Top of List.

    Melissa needs to suck it up and learn from it.

    I will be Voting for Melissa, as it truly is time to clean House.

    Toughten Up Melissa it’s only the Beginning…….You Go Girl.

  5. She needs to toughen up a little if she is going to go anywhere in politics.

    You have to deal with these people by going on the offensive first, not defending yourself as they knock you down.

  6. “This smear campaign to confuse the vote of many should not and will not be tolerated.”

    Umm, you’ll learn to “tolerate” it, perhaps you’ll learn to love it.

    “I hope that the people who have started this clandestine rumor will come forward with an apology.”

    What I want you to do is wait right there and I will go get these people to apologize to you …

    are you still waiting?

    How long would you wait?

    I mean if you waited a really long time we might start to think you are dumb.

    are you still, still waiting?

    Now I am starting to worry.

    Your not from around here are you.

    are you still waiting?


  7. First off, I am not 21. It is rude to ask a women her age, at least in my family. And I am sure it will not be long before someone finds out through public record.

    mcHenry county combine watcher- unfortunately, the younger generation will have to pay for what the way our economy is in right now. Us college grads have very serious issues to deal with and are open to when we are already working in government.

    And LCTruth says- yes the recession has a lasting effect and if the recovery takes as long as it is predicted my children will be affected by it.

    D.J.Traeger – No i do not wish to abolish any sort of state government, that would be treason.

    moreBS says- I have experience working in other parts of government and campaigns, but with every person in any field, there is always room for improvement. I want to give what I can to Algonquin Township. I believe I have “sucked it up” quite nicely. and have not let it stop me from pushing for votes in the township with mailings, precinct walking, and reaching out to officials. While working in the General Assembly I was mentored by some of the leading Senators, representatives, and Minority Leader, and staff. Unfortunately lying is a part of some people, all you have to look at todays paper and see how much it can cost people.

    Watching – Sorry, I am not that cynical and do believe that people can be caught and can receive an apology for wrongs done to the,. For instance did you see the newspaper today? And rest assured I already have ideas about who started the rumor mill. And insinuating someone is dumb is an insult to those who face the challenges of being mentally disabled on a daily basis, and is not unappreciated.

  8. Really Melissa? “treason”? Maybe you should have researched the form of County Government you placed your name on a ballot for.

    Although we can’t abolish these rediculous individual Townships by referendum, the law does allow voters within a county, to put it on the ballot to get rid of them altogether. That’s State Law, hardly treason! Further, once the referendum is approved, than the County Board is eliminated and replaced with the a Commision form of Government. 3-5 Commisioners, with no single administrator or supervisor, overseeing the County’s operations. There is also a Home Rule form as well which nobody really ever favors.

    Just so you know, there are 17 “treason”ous counties in the State that are Commision. All a heck of a lot more efficient than this additional Township layer, Taxpayers in McHenry are stuck paying for.

    That aside, I’m sorry all that mentoring, hadn’t got you up to speed on Illinois Government. But the good news for you, after reading your gibberish above, I’m convinced your going to be the next Governor of this State.

    ….and I wonder why McHenry is in the top 25 highest taxed county’s in the entire nation. Unbelievable!

  9. D.J.Traeger- Thank you for the subtle insults about becoming the next Governor of Illinois, and rest assured that that office is not one I want to ever hold. You know so much about state government “D.J.Traeger” you should volunteer to be a mentor to all candidates running, since it appears that you think state employees that I previously listed did not suffice as good “mentors”. I look forward to you contacting me personally. Just so Cal Does not block us from his blog, I request that since you think me incompetent for office that you email me at sanchez4trustee@gmail.com Thank you!

  10. Geez Melissa, I’ve never commented on your competence or incompetence in any part of my original query. Too add, I’ve never seen Cal block any dialogue, in regards to any issues facing this County and State, with the caveat, that it remain civil and constructive. But your “treason” comment, was just over the top rediculous and I couldn’t resist poking fun at it.

    My basic knowledge of how Government works is just being a responsible businessman and investor in any area I have interests in. I can prattle off Gov. structure in Flowery Branch, Ga., Dallas, Tx., the quagmire of The Villages, Fl., etc. So what. I just need to have a basic knowledge, of potential Gov. impact on my investments, anywhere I have skin in the game.

    Now let’s please move on from mentoring, age and other such drivel and get back to the real issues. As reporting yourself as “fiscally conservative”, wouldn’t you agree that these Townships are an unnecessary layer of Government? Illinois has more layers of local government 6994 (*U S Census) than any other State in the Nation and this is part of the reason why our taxes are skyrocketing.

    But just consider this Melissa. The Taxpayers in this County and State are on life support. We need serious, informed candidates, with serious, real answers, to begin to unravel this mess called Illinois. A good start, would be for a potential Township Official (yourself?), begin the process of transitioning this Township Government to a more efficient, Commision form of County Government.

    I know it would upset the status quo of all the fiefdoms created by these Townships, but you would sure wind up being a hero, to McHenry Taxpayers who are footing the bills.

    Only the best regards for you and yours.

  11. Wow. Sensitive much, you are going to make a great public servant.

    I said that if you waited a long time you might be considered dumb.

    Which you would.

    How long would you wait for an elevator (please state your answer in days).

    I did not say retarded, mentally challenged or any other special needs group, you inferred that (which is a little politically incorrect, but, eh.

    It was your choice of group, not mine.)

    Your attempt to wrestle my comment into some kind of attack on other people is telling.

    And interesting.

    In my mind’s eye I wonder what type of fate would befall a person who does that.

    And I have a pretty good idea.

    Good luck.

    Please immediately forget that you work for us, so that at least I can get a good laugh out of your public service, however short it may be.

    Plz tell me that Sarah Palin is your hero. That would about fit.

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