Linda Moore’s Fourth Mailing Focuses on Cutting Spending

Here is what apparently is the last of Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s mailings. She is running against Pam Fender, who apparently has no direct mail, and Marty Waitzman who has sent one post card that I have seen and published.

On the second day this week in which Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore appeared on the front page of the Northwest Herald in an unfavorable light, Moore used a previous headline to promote her efforts to cut spending.

On the second day this week in which Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore appeared on the front page of the Northwest Herald in an unfavorable light, Moore used a previous headline to promote her efforts to cut spending.

The text of Moore’s letter on the post card follows:

“Cutting waste isn’t just a slogan.

“Four years ago, before I assumed office twelve workers on staff.

“Grafton had a part-time Township Supervisor who balanced another full-time job.

“Then I became Township Supervisor and brought change.

“After the first seven weeks as Supervisor, I made no cuts to township services, but paid eight less employees.

“Since then, the township bus services have even improved at these reduced staffing levels.

“Cutting waste and pursuing lower taxes hasn’t made me popular with the trustees of the board, but it’s what I believe in.

“Please help me continue to work hard for lower taxes in Grafton Township.”

The back of the mailing has as its graphic a paper cutter cutting the word "spending."

The back of the mailing has as its graphic a paper cutter cutting the word “spending.”


Linda Moore’s Fourth Mailing Focuses on Cutting Spending — 10 Comments

  1. And the lies continue to be published within colored glossy official documents. Moore’s reality is her own fictitious world where everyone is wrong except for her. Ask her family members who are suing her. Ask the Trustees. Ask the courts. Ask the taxpayers who attend monthly meetings and observe her in person! Ask those who show up at the township for General Assistance. Ask her employees and former employees. Ask her former supporters who can’t believe the mess she has created; and no longer support her; in fact they are running against her in the election!

    After 4 years of media shedding the reality of her true leadership, people-skills and office disabilities, and deep fiscal and operational township Incompetent results; only brainwashed idiots will consider voting for her.

    Please get out and vote Tuesday AND call 5 of your friends to do the same. Otherwise per these lie filled glossies and per the split vote at hand, Moore will continue her cancerous methods and will continue to waste your tax dollars for another 4 years.

  2. @NoMoore you are right, but the most crucial message to get across between now and Tuesday is to highlight the ONE opponent to Linda Moore who can beat her, and that is Marty Waitzman.

    Pam Fender, the other opponent to Linda Moore in the primary, has run a very poor campaign since her brash announcement last August. She is NOT a real Republican (has openly backed Democrats as recently as last November), and has no business being a candidate in a Republican primary. She really should have run as an independent. NO Direct mail in this election, when Moore gave her so much material, people are wondering if she really wants the job.

    Waitzman has the credentials, the message, the experience, the humility, courage and most important, the people skills to lead the Grafton Township board back to solvency and stability. From his days in law enforcement, to being an attorney and a CPA with the legal and financial skills to sift through Linda Moore’s poor management of the township, Waitzman will be able to lead by example and work with all other township officials.

    The opposition vote against Moore cannot be split evenly, otherwise, Moore will win on Tuesday. I’m confident the township voters will not be fooled by the glossy and inundation of mailers from Moore.

    Get out there, and support Waitzman’s election.

  3. OK, here’s more evidence why changes are needed in Grafton Township. If you haven’t seen this video from February 14th, please check it out. In 3 parts, You Tube.

    Please search for “Grafton Township” and find the 3 part video for February 14th meeting. Skip Part 1 to 24 minutes, to go straight to public comment.

  4. We shall see if our neighbors prefer incompetence or if they are smart enough to recognize an employee who is way over her head who has completely underperformed in the job she was given. If Linda Moore was sitting next to me in the office I’d be praying daily my boss would fire her so my job would be easier. In this case The People are her boss and we shall see if they have the ability to recognize they have the ability to fire her. I continue to hope and pray my neighbors will find their way clear to realize their power. This is as profoundly local as any election can get. Vote this horrible employee out.

  5. when you said neighbors, I thought you were speaking about the huntley neighbors who are constantly spreading lies about Linda Moore.

    Who is backing these stories that the huntley neighbors are spreading?

    They tend to believe anything told to them by enimies of Linda Moore.

    They are one sad group.

  6. How is it that a candidate goes out and spends money like crazy on multiple glossy mailings and multiple robocalls and then turns around at says, “see I cut spending.”

    If you cannot control yourself with your own money, then what happens when the money is from taxpayers?

    BTW, the mailer with “WASTE” is exactly right. MOORE equals WASTE!

  7. I have saved up for this campaign for years.

    Cutting waste and saving for the future are both needed in good fiscal management.

  8. Good fiscal management applies to the Township as well.

    During the last four years, what with all the lawsuits, I haven’t seen much management of any kind!

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