Rob Parrish Advertises in Northwest Herald — 5 Comments

  1. It’s too bad that the always there “anti-incumbent” vote gets split.

    The non-incumbent candidates ought to flip a coin and one of them get out of the way.

  2. Good luck, Rob.

    Your family work ethic is exactly what Nunda needs.


  3. Professional? How is he professional when he is currently going door-to-door with anyone that has a Don Kopsell sign in their yard in order to trash talk his opponent?

    If that’s his only strategy to win, then he doesn’t have the confidence to do the job at all. He has no skills at all. Rob Parrish plays DIRTY!

  4. Rob Parrish stopped by my house and he was a total gentleman.

    I like when a man from outside the political stench runs for office.

    Were you there at the Lincoln Day Dinner – I was there: what total losers run the Party.

    I would say “It’s time to clean house”….but I think the days of the Republican Party are numbered regardless.

    They have a total lack of leadership, despite possessing the intellectual advantage of being right on the issues.

  5. You probably didn’t have a sign in your yard.

    That’s why he was a gentleman.

    He shouldn’t harass others for having a different opinion. He’s pretty arrogant.

    Don Kopsell has done a fine job as Highway Commissioner.

    The roads will go down in quality with the other two guys wanted to prove themselves instead of doing what is right.

    If you have to downplay your opponent in order to prove yourself you have no confidence.

    That’s what it is.

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