Melissa Sanchez Snags Hometown Support, Plus Democratic Party County Board Member

Melissa Sanchez

Melissa Sanchez

Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Melissa Sanchez shares endorsements below:

“I have been very fortunate to have the support of my friends and family.

“Through hard work and dedication in my campaign I have been able to gain endorsements from local officials, volunteers, neighbors, and new friends.

“Most recently 3 Lake in the Hills trustees have endorsed my candidacy for Algonquin Township trustee-

  • Russ Ruzanski
  • Stephen Harlfinge
  • Ray Bogdanski

“Also included is Democrat McHenry County board member Nick Chirikos.

“These are only a few of the local officials but the most recent, an official list of endorsements will be released and soon to follow.”


Melissa Sanchez Snags Hometown Support, Plus Democratic Party County Board Member — 6 Comments

  1. Although I have never met Ms. Sanchez, I called her to introduce myself and discuss her motivation for running.

    I was impressed by her enthusiasm and willingness to engage in the political process.

    We did not talk about parties or ideology, but as a young woman and an Hispanic, she would make a fine Democrat!

    Regardless, I believe that our young people need to be encouraged to participate, and Algonquin Township would benefit if she were to be successful.

    Let’s see how her party’s voters carry her bid forward.

  2. What are you up to??


    Is this just a way to try and smear her?

  3. Nick,

    You are so right!

    She would make a fine Democrat… but as fine as a Democrat she would make, she makes an even better Republican!

    She is Right on all the issues 😉

    Andrew Gasser

  4. Although we do not share views regarding reproductive rights, these issues have little significance in the proper governance of Algonquin Township.

    The article used the term “endorse”, which I would fall short of doing.

    The focus of my interest in her as a candidate is that she, like I, was a first-time candidate, among other things.

    Let’s see how well a similarly qualified Democrat, if one should appear, is supported by you if that opportunity should arise.

    It IS about what’s best for the Township, isn’t it?

  5. Mr. Chirikos – I thought I had voted on a “a similarly qualified Democrat” (I assume this to mean someone with whom I can agree regardless of party label) for County board last fall, based on the statements you had made at that time.

    But after reading your first comment, which implies a woman Hispanic can only legitimately be a Democrat, and a highly-partisan letter in today’s Northwest Herald from an Algonquin resident with your surname, I am left to wonder if I were wrong.

    Of course, I realize you might not agree in totality with that letter.

    But seeing both your comment and the letter today, I am now questioning my support for you.

  6. Kurt,

    This election is a Republican primary, followed by a general consolidated election in which no Democrats were vetted.

    Given our choices, it’s difficult to follow a hard party line here.

    I do not imply that Ms. Sanchez “can only legitimately be a Democrat”, but attempted to humorously suggest that she would make a good one.

    The point of my support is that this young person deserves consideration for this office, as an alternative to the faces we see time and time again in Algonquin Township.

    I can easily be reached by email or phone to discuss your concerns, as I have no way to reach out to you.

    I won by a mere 310 votes, so please believe me when I say I value your support.

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