Message of the Day – Vote

Keely Cat will be most disturbed if readers of McHenry County Blog who live in Algonquin, Dorr, Grafton and Nunda Township don’t vote today.

Keely's reaction to those who do not vote.

Keely’s reaction to those who do not vote.

Trust me. You do not want to be on Keely’s wrong side.


Message of the Day – Vote — 4 Comments

  1. Bridgett Provenzano sign 70 feet from the door at Nunda.
    Pathetic and illegal

  2. I believe there will be someone on the Independent ticket that you can vote for in April.

  3. Don’t worry Keely, I got it done.

    Oh and Mrs., did you have a tape measure?

    Why don’t we repeal the electioneering laws and have the candidates stand at each poll place and shout down the other candidate … then we might have some good politicians.

    Sometimes I think, when I see a pretty blatant violation, that the voters will take that into account, especially when the person doing it seems needy.

    PS I love your comments here!

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