Junior College Board Candidates Night at MCC Monday at 7 PM

MCC Conference Center entrance.

MCC Conference Center entrance.

With the lead-up Sunday in the Northwest Herald about alternative revenue bonds, you might think a large number of people would be interested in whether the candidates for the MCC Board will foist over $40 million of debt on taxpayers’ shoulders to almost double the size of the campus and build a health club without voter approval.

I’m willing to bet, however, that most who show up will be employees and students.

Those who will have to pay the bills if property taxes have to fill in the gap for unrealistic alternative revenue estimates, that is, property taxpayers, will stay home in droves.

And, then there’s the problem of the question screeners that the League of Women Voters impose on their forums.

For the County Board forums, I submitted a question asking whether board candidates would vote to raise our tax burden above what it was the year before and at none of the three events was the question asked.


Junior College Board Candidates Night at MCC Monday at 7 PM — 1 Comment

  1. This is free right?

    Who’s going to be there?

    I’m interested in Jenner.

    He seems like a voice that would better represent students.

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