Another Student Comments on MCC

Another McHenry County College student offers the following observations:

Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith

“MCC has been having its fair share of problems and honestly it has been since the new president arrived.

“We have spent 2,000,000 dollars of our emergency funds….. just to renovate the cafeteria area for culinary students, that in reality are only going to get jobs making maybe $15/hour.

“I heard she didn’t like the pillars, so in it’s place we now have romper room colors complete with marble table tops in other areas…..makes sense?!?

“There is no student lounge, there is nowhere for the students to go to have a reprive or break during the day …..which is something every Community College should have.

“Why does it seem as if the school has stopped caring about the students and is only viewing themselves as a financial institution or as a money making business?

“Did you know that MCC changed the way they dispersed federal student loans **which are not grants, they are need based loans.

“Originally, MCC would make dispersants twice during the semester, once at the very beginning of the semester, with in the first 14 days of school and the second one shortly after.

“Obviously these loans are “need based” so therefore they are necessary for students to be able to attend school.

“Yet MCC changed its policy in the middle of the school year and in the second semester to now have student loans available in the bookstore, and that loans would be reimbursed in March …..instead of January.

“That is almost 60 days after the beginning of school at the least.

“Why would they do that …..could it be possible that it is to generate more funds for themselves ….by making sure people purchase more items in the bookstore?

“Otherwise what is the purpose of a need based loan ….. if it is used to pay your bills or to pay for gas to get to school …it doesn’t make sense for surely cannot pay the gas pump at the bookstore.

The new look.

The new look.

“Additionally, with the rebranding of the college the theme colors changed to purple and yellow.

“This theme applies for everything that goes along with the college, inside and out.

“The vending machine areas had boards replaced on top of them in this color seen all of the T shirts and sweatshirts available for sale in the bookstore are of this color theme, of course including all business cards, all materials used for brochures, letterhead and what not as well as the janitors t-shirts; they have all been replaced with these colors….. what do you think the cost was for the rebranding of MCC????

“Which (in my opinion) does not even go with the entire concept of McHenry County College, the Scotts sports team and then what about Tartan Drive…. which is the street that the college has named after their OWN student newspaper???

“The amount of money spent on books is almost equivalent to the cost of tuition per course, not including additional fees such as technology (even for art classes?) Why? .”


Another Student Comments on MCC — 3 Comments

  1. I am happy to see another MCC student take the time to write about their experience at MCC.

    Is MCC is evolving into something that does not put their students first?

    If so, who’s in charge of this neglect and how can they be made accountable?

  2. On April 9th there will be 3 seats on the MCC board of Trustees on your ballot.

    If you want them to be held accountable, elect board members will do it.

    I am a student who graduated from MCC in December of 2010, and I know first hand what needs to change at MCC.

    I would appreciate your vote.

  3. “I heard she didn’t like the pillars, so in it’s place we now have romper room colors”

    I find it funny that you would consider this a valued source of information.

    When you consider the hersay and derogatory statement above.

    I would bet a months salary that this student never showed up to class and failed.

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