Finances on Agenda of Emergency Grafton Township Meeting Tonight

Called on an emergency basis by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore, the topic will be finances.

Here’s the agenda:

On February 14th, the board directed the Supervisor to pay $300,000 to the Road District. The Highway Commissioner has recently requested that the Supervisor sign a promissory note for $115,000, which the board has not approved. With the $300,000 payment, the current account balance is negative ($113,866.30). Even with board approval of this promissory note, the board needs to take action today or risk employing
staff we cannot pay and the consequences that would result from this situation.

For these reasons, Supervisor Moore has called an Emergency Grafton Township Board Meeting, 6:00 pm at the Grafton Township Hall.

A. Call the meeting to order.

B. Roll call.

C. Pledge of Allegiance

D. Public Comments

E. Discussion and Action to approve and execute a Road District Promissory Note.

F. Discussion and action to alleviate lack of funds for the township operations.

1. Cancel all transportation service due to lack of funding and redirect all riders to outside services and appeal to the Village of Huntley to pay to Grafton Township its $10,000 grant, now rather than waiting until June.

2. Immediately layoff the assessor’s staff, and supervisor’s staff, except for GA. The status of their health insurance will need to be researched.


3. Rescind the unfunded board action to pay the $300,000 to the Road District and operate on the funds that remain in the township account. In April, request the electors to extend the date to repay the $300,000.


4. The Road District loans the township additional funds.


5. Alternative action.


Finances on Agenda of Emergency Grafton Township Meeting Tonight — 22 Comments

  1. With the abrupt nature of this posting, it sounds like this is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

  2. Sounds like Linda is taking revenge on the assessor for standing up to her

  3. As well as the township voters. I wonder how her candidate husband feels about this financial turmoil she’s created and was unable to forecast. Some CEO.

  4. So if its true that she tried to have this meeting on Monday, why couldn’t she have give 48 hour notice?

  5. If there was a meeting called, why wasn’t it listed on Linda’s supervisor website rather than here on Cal’s site?

    Further, I thought Harriet Ford, the township clerk was the only one who could post an agenda!

  6. Why would the irresponsible trustees direct the Supervisor to issue a check that won’t clear?

  7. When has Linda Moore ever presented an accurate indication of how much money is in township accounts? At this point, I doubt even SHE knows.

    The trustees directed the Supervisor to issue the check because they weren’t aware that the check wouldn’t clear.

    They directed the Supervisor to issue the check as the completion of the intergovernmental agreement and as directed by the voters of Grafton Township

  8. Thanks Linda. As COO, CEO, CFO you really effed up the Grafton Township Finances. This is ALL ON YOU. Your legacy, Linda Moore, is four years of havoc you wrecked on the township and it’s residents.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Don’t forget, of those that voted in the primary, 70% voted against Linda Moore!

  9. Nothing happened at tonight’s (illegal?) meeting.

    A meeting has been scheduled for next week.

    Four years of Linda and the township is now broke. Linda is a visionary that works well with others. 70% said no Moore.

  10. And how big were the legal fees spent by the trustees?

    Why don’t you sniping cowards use your real names?

  11. Because our past lives won’t let us.

    Gus, why don’t Yu take a good hard look at reality?

    70% of the primary vote was AGAINST Linda!

    The people have spoken, and we want her gone!

  12. Why doesn’t Linda offer to work for FREE for the remaining time she is in office instead of wanting to lay off people that actually do something for the township?

    There’s a novel idea!

  13. How do we know your real name is Gus Philpott?

    You could be some scoundrel masquerading under that alias.

    Is that even a real name?

    For all we know, it could be one of Linda’s campaign benefactors trying to dodge responsibility.

  14. The trustees have blown $470,000 with Ancel-Glink, they wasted $500,000 on a defunct town hall, they approved a budget which spends $200,000 more spending than money received.

    Of course we are in financial problems.

    Expect the new board to raise your taxes and blame it on the previous supervisor.

  15. Dear Linda,

    You may have created our past and screwed up our present, but you have no control over our future!!

  16. Linda, as CEO, you ran the township into the ground.

    The sad state it’s in is because of you. You did things “your way,” and that is why the township must now borrow money.

    ou have got a few weeks left in office.

    Stop the blame game. Stop your drama.

    Put your head down and do your job.

    Get the forensic audit done.

    If you are not willing then resign today.

  17. Just as an example of why the township is having problems.

    Assessor Ottley submitted his Comcast bill for payment on the same day that it was due, February 8th and now he has cost the township late fees.

    We can’t afford these problems.

  18. We can’t afford paying YOU to sit and play on BLOGS all day either!

  19. Why was this posted during business hours?

    What are you doing at work?

  20. Where’s my AUDIT? Y

    ou know, what you should be working on RIGHT NOW!

    It’s mine, my taxes payed for it (as well as your salary).

  21. Linda, I understand how getting canned must be embarassing for you.

    Being fired due to incompetence obviously makes you very spiteful.

    You don’t have to go away mad….just go away!!

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