Dan Rutherford Coming to Nunda Township to Support Republican Lee Jennings’ Candidacy for Township Supervisor

I got this email from Mary McClellan, the Secretary of the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee:

Dan Rutherford

Dan Rutherford

“We have a opportunity to talk with Dan Rutherford and meet Lee Jeenings who is running in a contested race against an independent.

“We are trying to raise enough money to support a republican candidate mailing.

“If you can’t make it you can mail a check to support Lee Jennings to jennings4nunda 730 Area Dr. McHenry, IL 60051.

“We will also have tickets available you can respond and I will get you your tickets before the date.

“Thank you for your help in getting good people elected to unite Nunda Township and get us on the right track.”

Illinois State Treasurer Rutherford, of course, is an all-but-announced candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor.  He has said that he does not wish to announce before the April 9th local elections.

The invitation below says that the fundraiser is to support the candidacy of Lee Jennings for Township Supervisor. Jennings won a narrow eleven vote margin. Yesterday his primary opponent Bridgett Provenzano endorsed his candidacy.

The event is

The event is Wednesday, March 27that Marzano’s and costs $50 a person.

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