McHenry Doesn’t Buy McHenry Shores Water Company

At the forum last Thursday for McHenry County Mayor, incumbent Sue Low and challenger Steve Cuda were asked the McHenry Shores water question.

Mayor Sue Low stands, answering a question, while former Mayor Steve Cuda listens.

Mayor Sue Low stands, answering a question, while former Mayor Steve Cuda listens.

“That’s a question that was asked in 1995 or 1996,” former Mayor Cuda replied. “It’s a problem that isn’t going to go away until the City provides water to the subdivision.>

He explained that Tom Matthews’ company had gone into bankruptcy.

“We don’t want to overpay,” he added, pointing out that “Folks out there are going to have to pay.”

“We are in negotiations. For as long as I’ve been mayor the issue has been on the table,” Mayor Low answered.

“We have come to agreement with regard to the Special Service Area.

“I can’t really say a lot more than that.”

The day after the candidates’ night, March 23rd, City Administrator Derik Morefield wrote McHenry Shores residents that the City had failed in its attempt to purchase the water company.

Despite 235-30 survey results that the residents wanted to be hooked up to the water that the rest of McHenry residents get.

The letter said it “has been sold to another entity.”

“…the City could not enter a “bidding war.'”

The letter concludes,

“Thank you for your interest during this process and please know the city will continue to support future efforts to connect the McHenry Shores Water Company to the City of McHenry water system, so long as it is in the best interests of McHenry Shores residents and the municipality.

“Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.”

You can read the full letter below:
McH Shores Water Co sale p1 3-22-13McH Shores Water Co sale p2 3-22-13

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