Group Endorses Chris Jenner, Tom Wilbeck & Molly Walsh for MCC Board

Citizens for

Signs for Molly Walsh, Tom Wilbeck and Chris Jenner are being put up by Citizens Advocates for Public Accountability.

A press release from Citizen Advocates for Public Accountability (CAPA):

“It’s time to stop the MCC spending frenzy and vote for accountability.

“Citizen Advocates for Public Accountability (CAPA) has surveyed and researched the current MCC Trustee Candidates.

We are endorsing

  • Chris Jenner
  • Tom Wilbeck
  • Molly Walsh

“All have shown a commitment to better education; not bigger, fancier buildings.

“We do not need a Crown Jewel college, a Teacher’s Union Representative sitting in conflict on the College Board, or two incumbents with over 54 years of the same old ideas.

“We applaud the two student candidates and encourage them to try another time.

“This time we need Jenner, Wilbeck and Walsh.

“Jenner, Wilbeck and Walsh are opposed to non-referendum bonding.

“They are committed to taxpayer approval of any expansion by referendum.

“They will stop the spending frenzy and respect the students, the voters and taxpayers of this county.

“Vote for Jenner, Wilbeck and Walsh.”

John Kunzie
Citizen Advocates for Public Accountability

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