Mario Casciaro Found Guilty of Murdering Johnsburg’s Brian Carrick — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you states attorney for letting lose a violent felon back among us.

    I guess you can get away with murder.

  2. Corruption at its finest.

    These “prosecutors” should be ashamed of themselves.

    How do they sleep at night ?

  3. Does anyone know what is happening with the Zellner appeals from last fall?

  4. Who is anyone to say that he did this unforgivable murder were you there I wasn’t and I So sorry for this loss but I in my heart don’t believe he did this terrible crime

    I worked with him and his family calls stupid but my heart does not guide me wrong

    I believe there is a certain someone but until they look into this pop person it will always be on Mario

    GOD BLESS and you have the wrong guy.

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