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Former Northwest Herald community editor, reporter and columnist Cynthia Wolf (more background here) has started a blog just in time for the end of the McHenry city election cycle.

The McHenryite masthead

The McHenryite masthead

The articles she has written so far can be seen by clicking on the titles below:

The most recent article undoubtedly tells more about the McHenry mayoral race than can be found anywhere else in one place.  Wolf talks about two “buckets of mud” that Mayor Sue Low has handed former Mayor and challenger Steve Cuda:

  • “…the city’s public works building on Industrial Drive. The property was held in trust. But it’s no secret in town that the beneficiary of said trust was Low’s uncle, James L. Althoff.”
  • ‘…after the April 2011 election, she advocated for using home rule to make the city’s treasurer post appointed rather than elected? You decide. Here are some facts…”  Included is that “The position has been held since 2010 by Steve Murgatroyd, a former alderman who served from 1997 to 2009 and was, during those years, chairman of the McHenry Finance Committee…[and] is, since 2004, Low’s son-in-law.”

And “one tin of mud”:

  • In reply to a question concerning the possible purchase of the McHenry Shores Water Company by the city, Low said negotiations were still going on. However, a letter dated the next day was sent to the area’s residents saying the water company had been sold to another.

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The McHenryite joins two other electronic publications focusing on part of McHenry County:

Bookmark all three. I guarantee that you will find information at all three sites that is not found elsewhere.

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