Bruce Kaplan Shares Cary Candidates’ Forum Opening Statement

Cary Village Trustee Bruce Kaplan shares his opening statement from last night’s candidates’ forum below.

If his opponent former appointed Village Trustee Mark Kownick wishes to send his opening statement, McHenry County Blog will be pleased to publish it.

Bruce Kaplan’s Opening Statement

Good evening everyone.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to join us this evening.

Normally, when I speak in front of a group, I start with a joke.

Tonight, I’m not going to do that as there is nothing funny about the importance of this election.

Bruce Kaplan

Bruce Kaplan

I admit that I have a special interest. I do have a special interest and I want to address that right here and now.

I want the truth to be clear for everyone to know and understand.

The people of Cary are my only special interest.

Anyone who lives or works in Cary is of special interest to me… they always have been and they always will be.

Yes, I am a realtor and yes, I do care very deeply for my home for the last 39 years, Cary.

Realtors are among the finest elected officials and volunteers in America.

The Mayor of Marengo is a Realtor. The Mayor of Riverwoods is a Realtor.

Realtors around the State of Illinois are everything from school board members to library volunteers.

Realtors are your neighbors. We live in your communities and every one of us truly cares about the towns we live in.

I’ve run an honest, positive campaign and I am very proud of the support I’ve had from the people of Cary.

My goals are direct. I want to grow the business potential of our town.

I want Cary to be a safe, welcoming and thriving town… a place people want to live, work and shop.

The stronger our business community is, the stronger our schools and home values will be.

I’m a guy who has a problem with government overreach.

I don’t want the Government telling us what we can and cannot do in our homes.

I believe in the free enterprise system without government interference.

I’m against ridiculous and endless fees that towns magically create that hurt residents and businesses.

I ask for your support and your vote and pledge to never break your trust.

I’ve run my campaign on real issues and not a made up desperate attempt to create an issue.

I want you to know my opponent voted to place a realtor on the Zoning Board in Cary.

He voted to place a realtor in Zoning for property and did not see a conflict of interest.

Now, let’s talk about a real issue that actually affects everybody’s pocket book.

I have a problem with a former trustee that voted for the maximum tax levy increase EVERY vote when I have voted against every tax levy that came up since I’ve been on the board.

Remember that this vote is about leadership not about who is a nice guy to go on vacation with or have a beer with.

In my mind, leadership is about honor, duty, responsibility and staying the course.

Leadership means having discipline, being organized and being practical.

Good leadership must use common sense and also always be willing to listen and I promise the residents and businesses of Cary to have an open door.

Financial responsibility is critical to my personal job and is critical to how Cary must be run.

I am committing to you to work for our town’s best interest as long as you will let me.

I’m Bruce Kaplan and I am asking for your vote on April 9th.

Thank you.

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