McHenry County Entreprenuer Gary Rabine Chairing Bill Prim’s Sheriff’s Campaign Finance Committee

A press release from the Bill Prim for Sheriff Committee:

Gary Rabine

Gary Rabine


Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim announced Monday that local business leader Gary T. Rabine of the Rabine Group has agreed to serve as Honorary Chairman of Prim’s campaign committee.

Rabine, Chief Executive Officer of the Rabine Group and an acknowledged national leader in paving and associated businesses, has already been involved with a number of Prim’s early efforts but will now move into a more substantial role.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“I’m very excited that Gary has decided to go all-in on our campaign,” Prim said.

“He is an acknowledged leader among businessmen in the County and we have already benefited from his knowledge and his dynamic approach.”

Rabine said he looked at all the potential candidates but rapidly focused on Prim as having all the tools needed for the job of Sheriff.

“From his experience, to his rock-solid integrity, to his innovative plans for community involvement, Bill is by far the best man for Sheriff in the election next year.

“I intend to do all I can to help him get elected.

“And I’m hoping the local business community will join me in taking the Sheriff’s Office in a new direction, with new leadership at the helm.

“We live here and we know what needs to be done. Bill’s the man to do it.”

Gary began his career paving driveways as a teenager and found his passion for the industry soon after.

Through work ethic, excellent customer service and investing in great people and technology, Gary’s company, Rabine Paving, grew from a McHenry County start-up into the Rabine Group, a group of a dozen companies serving clients locally, regionally and nationally.

Today’s Rabine Group companies include Rabine Paving, the Midwest’s largest commercial parking lot company, as well as Rabine Paving America, one of the largest national parking lot companies in the U.S.

The Rabine Group has been listed as one of Crain’s Fastest 20 Growing companies in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and Gary has been honored as the

  • Schaumburg 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year
  • a 2012 UIC Entrepreneur Hall of Famer
  • an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in 2012
  • the 2013 Chicagoland Lifetime Achievement Entrepreneur

The Rabine Group Foundation has taken an active role investing in the communities they serve.

Many Northern Illinois and McHenry County non-profit organizations can count on support from Gary’s team and the Rabine Group Foundation.

Gary and his wife have four kids from 12-25 and have made their home in McHenry and Johnsburg for 25 years.

= = = = =

In the Republican Primary Prim is opposed by Jim Harrison and Andy Zinke.


McHenry County Entreprenuer Gary Rabine Chairing Bill Prim’s Sheriff’s Campaign Finance Committee — 6 Comments

  1. Here come the sand and gravel interests, be careful of what you pray for.

  2. I asked Gary Rabine to comment on the sand and gravel angle and got the following reply:

    “I am not a sand & gravel guy.

    “I buy other people’s material across the county and the country.

    “I have no interest in developing material mining in McHenry County or anywhere else.

    “My guarantee is there will be no special interest by me or any other supporter of Bill Prim, this is the Right Man for The People not for Gary Rabine or any other financial supporters.

    “Thank you,”


  3. Mr. Rabine has a fine record in community and business.

    Trying to twist and spin is typical of the opposition.

    Thank you Mr. Rabine for participating in supporting a good man for sheriff.

  4. Yes, by all means, don’t look behind the GD curtain.

    -Wizard of Oz

  5. Why didn’t Bill Prim stay in Des Plaines and fix their many issues?

    Why feel the need to come run a department he knows nothing about instead of staying and applying for the top position of a department he spent a career with?

    I’m not a let’s fix something if it’s not broken guy.

    Stop some deputies and talk to them about Andy Zinke and you’ll find out most of them think he’ll do a great job when he gets elected Sheriff.

  6. Just to be clear Rabine uses sand and gravel in the repair and replacement of driveways and parking lots.

    If a pit was to open closer to some of his jobs that would benefit his company by lowering the cost of fuel and milage on his trucks.

    I’m not suggesting any deals have been made I’m just saying he uses sand and gravel in his daily business even though he doesn’t own a pit.

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