Republican Precinct Committeeman Mike Shorten Emails Election Recommendations

I thought you might be interested in the use of email for election purposes.

Remember to Vote This Tuesday!!!!!

Mike Shorten

Mike Shorten

Good Morning,

This Tuesday there will be an election for several municipal and school boards that most people will not bother to participate in, which in unfortunate.  But consider this; I just did the math on my rather large property tax bill and all of the city, township, school boards that are being voted on represent nearly 87% of my (and likely your) total property tax bill…
So while you have a short amount of time to research candidates, there are a couple of places that you can start:
  1. Go to the County Clerk’s website and obtain a copy of your sample ballot (or just Click Here).
  2. Research the candidates that impact you on the Northwest Herald website by Clicking Here.
Based on my interactions and knowledge of the candidates, I would like to provide some recommendations for some of the races:
Nunda Township
Lee Jennings is running in a competitive race for Township Supervisor.  I have known Lee for a number of years and he is a trustworthy individual who has the genuine intent to work with the board to improve township finances and eliminate the infighting that has cost the taxpayers a lot of money in the past couple of years.  Lee ran in the primary with Mike Lesperance who will be the new Highway Comissioner, and I believe they will work well together as a team for the next 4 years.  I support Lee Jennings for Nunda Supervisor.
Trustee- Mike Shorten (Ok- I’m unopposed, but would appreciate a good showing at the polls)
Crystal Lake City Council

Of the five candidates running for three open seats, I would encourage you to cast two of your votes for Jeff Thorsen and Ralph Dawson.  Both of these men have served as solid voices for the citizens of Crystal Lake and deserve another term.
Crystal Lake School Board District 47
In a crowded field I would ask that you consider casting a vote for Donna Ricci.  I have known Donna for several years and has been involved with the community in many ways and will bring a different perspective to the board.
McHenry County College Board of Trustees
Again this is a crowded field but there are important issues at stake, including a push by the College to move forward with a costly addition which would include a Health Club that would compete with local private businesses.  The push for this expansion is being validated by a ‘consultant’ that is set to benefit significantly if the Board follows it’s recommendation   It’s clear that we need some new voices that will help refocus, so I would ask that you cast votes for Chris Jenner and Tom Wilbeck.
County Proposition for a new tax for Developmentally Disabled
The Proposition on the ballot is to give the county authority to levy a new property tax to support funding of services for developmentally disabled in McHenry County.
This is a difficult issue.  I grew up with an uncle who was mentally and physically handicapped, so I have a certain empathy for adult with special needs.
But as taxpayers we are already overburdened with taxes and in fact McHenry County is the 29th most expensive county… in the United States.
Prior to levying additional taxes, I think that we should demand that the county board pressure the Mental Health Board reallocate funds accordingly AND reduce their administrative costs.  Once the current Mental Health Board is fulfilling it’s duty then this issue could be revisited, if need be.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading.  Whether you agree with my recommendations or not, I encourage you to get out and vote on Tuesday!


Mike Shorten
Crystal Lake, IL


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  1. So far Mike makes the most compelling arguiment for or against the additional levy I’ve heard yet.

    Thanks for making a stand and making a case.

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