Steve Cuda Sends Direct Mail “Closer” in his McHenry Mayoral Campaign

The final mailing for McHenry mayoral candidate Steve Cuda, who is running against incumbent Mayor Sue Low, starts with this letter:

Steve Cuda

Steve Cuda

>Dear Friends and Neighbors:

From 1993 to 2001 I served the citizens of McHenry as your Mayor.

I am now running for election in next week’s mayoral election, and I am again asking for your support on April 9.

My primary goal is to retain the businesses which have made McHenry their home and to ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely.

We cannot afford to lose any more stores to Johnsburg.

My leadership style will not change from my earlier two terms.

I will be directly involved with the day to day operations of the City.

Direction to staff will be clear.

But responsibility will end at the mayor’s desk.

If elected, I will answer every phone call, meet with any constituent, and be a steadfast proponent for what is best for McHenry. I believe in strong leadership.

The citizens of McHenry will always know my position on issues which affect our city. For the safety of our children, I oppose METRA’s plan to run commuter trains through Peterson Park.

The new train station should be on the south side of town where our major employers, Centegra, Follett, and Medela are located.

I am a proponent of competitive bidding and believe there should be no favorites at city hall. Everyone will be treated equally during my administration.

If you are tired of the status quo, more tattoo parlors, vacant storefronts, and believe McHenry can once again become a strong and prosperous city, then vote for change on April 9. Together we can make McHenry a great place to live and raise our families.

Please remember to vote on April 9.

Very truly yours,

Steven J. Cuda

You can see what the piece looks like below:
Cuda lit 4-6-13 address

Steve Cuda's platform is on the back of the mailing.

Steve Cuda’s platform is on the back of the mailing.

Just in case the print is too small to read, here’s what it says:


To listen to your concerns and to respect the different viewpoints of McHenry’s citizenry; to be honest, fair and
open-minded; to protect your tax dollars and spend them wisely; to bid all projects; to promote commercial and
industrial development in order to lower real estate tax rates; to accept full responsibility for the course McHenry
follows over the next four years.


  • A lifelong resident, attorney, and local businessman, experienced in municipal government, who understands McHenry.
  • Fiscal responsibility, prudent management of your tax dollars and transparent government.
  • Development which benefits all members of our community, compliments current uses and neighborhoods and respects the historical heritage of our city.
  • Intergovernmental cooperation with the County Board, school, fire and library districts.
  • Safe and clean neighborhoods, support for our community policing programs.
  • Municipal government which is efficient, honest and respects every member of our community.
  • Preservation of Peterson Park.

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