Sue Low Responds to Issues Brought Up in McHenry Mayoral Campaign

Here’s what I found in her full page Northwest Herald ad on Sunday, reprinted with the permission of Sue Low:
Low ad top of letter 4-8-13Low ad bottom of letter 4-8-13
Low is being challenged for Mayor by former Mayor Steve Cuda.


Sue Low Responds to Issues Brought Up in McHenry Mayoral Campaign — 7 Comments

  1. A few corrections…

    1) Since when is your mother’s FIRST COUSIN a “distant relative???” Low’s mother is John Smith’s (of HR GREEN) first cousin. Once she was mayor, she fired Baxter and Woodman and appointed her cousin.

    2) As stated, she claims Buffalo Wild Wings is one of her “businesses that have chosen McHenry as their home”. Where is it?????

    3) The figure of $12-15 million for the city garage was just a figure pulled out of the air to justify her decision to buy the Althoff building from her uncle. There never were any blueprints or actual cost estimates for the $12-15M garage.

    4) Mr. Cuda has not been negative campaigning. Criticizing her job as mayor is NOT negative campaigning. You would think a politician would have thicker skin than she does.

    It’s unfortunate that her lies were even printed in the first place. I, for one, will be voting for Steve Cuda.

  2. She does not believe in negative campaigning?

    Believe, Sue, believe.

    It exists.

    Ghosts however, do not.

  3. She doesn’t know what negative campaigning even is…just nepotism and untruths!

  4. Thank you for this informative piece that sets the record straight.

    I would like to add that Mayor Low is a great supporter of our military in McHenry.

    She graciously welcomes home and honors those that serve our country.

  5. Unfortunate that people like Mary take this letter as “truth” when in fact it is filled with untruths.

    I’m a great supporter of the military, as I’m sure any mayor would be.

    Is that all we require to lead our city?

    Drive down any major highway in McHenry.

    THAT is what will continue with our “current mayor.”

  6. If Mayor Low did go bankrupt last year, does it matter that her uncle sold a house to her son-in-law, the city treasure… her same uncle sold the city public works building to the city… the current city engineer is her cousin… that most of her campaign funding comes from non-residents who own businesses in McHenry… and what about the purchase of the Joey T property owned by another family who benefits from the towny family tree?

    Why are Johnsburg residents knocking doors for any candidate in McHenry?

  7. Johnsburg residents are knocking on McHenry doors because Low is sending all our businesses their way.

    It’s the least they can do for her.

    And possibly because her FIRST cousin once removed is the city engineer for not only McHenry, but Johnsburg as well.

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