Huntley Tea Party Features Financial Expert Thursday

The Huntley Area Tea Party is hosting Steve Beaman, a “financial expert, author and successful entrepreneur,” its press release notes.

“Steve Beaman, self-taught self-made millionaire, is the author of over 100 articles, publisher of three books, and producer of a two volume – 12 CD Audio Library. He is dedicated to helping people live better lives by empowering them through financial and economic literacy.

“Steve devoted 25 years of professional life to a successful career on Wall Street, culminating in the sale of his company, Chicago Investment Analytics, to Charles Schwab & Company in 2000. He has participated in all areas of economics and finance, been seen on Fox News, heard on The Rush Limbaugh Show, and been keynote speaker at countless investment and success related conferences. He most recently wrote the powerful book, ‘Happiness & Prosperity in the 21st Century: The Five Paths To a Transformed Life.’

“Steve will be ‘Exploding the Progressive Myths,’ helping us see what’s really happening in our U.S. economy 2013 and beyond, insights into deficits and debt, with added focus on growing taxes and spending. We will also hear about conditions and situations either not well known or somehow distorted and often misleading. All directly leading to that bottom line: How all of that affects all of us!”

When’s the event?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gather in 6:30pm; Program begins at 7:00pm

Huntley Park District, 12015 Mill Street

Huntely Tea Party invite for 4-17-13


Huntley Tea Party Features Financial Expert Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if you all should be taking financial advice from the self-described Wall Street millionaire who has been so successful that he now hocks his self-help tapes in the Huntley Park District community center.

  2. The safe made millionaire is padding his pockets with Tea Party money.

    Too funny.

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