Mike Tryon Points to Next Year’s Highway Projects

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

More than $18 Million in Transportation Improvements Coming to District 66

Mike Tryon

Mike Tryon

SPRINGFIELD….. State Representative Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) announced Wednesday that more than $18 million in state and federal funding is headed to District 66 for road improvement projects through 2019.

The comprehensive program, unveiled by Governor Pat Quinn at a press conference at the Capitol, calls for $12.62 billion to be spent from 2014-2019 on transportation improvements throughout Illinois. The statewide plan calls for the improvement of 2,142 miles of highway, the replacement or improvement of 517 bridges, and significant investments into the public transit system.

According to Tryon, state highway improvements that will take place within District 66 include:

  • $9.1 million for improvements in on Route 47 and Route 176 between Route 14 and Reed Road in McHenry County
  • $5 million for a bridge replacement on Route 47 at the Kishwaukee River in McHenry County
  • $1.12 million for improvements to Route 68 between Prairie Lakes Road to Algonquin Road in Kane County
  • $800,000 for a resurfacing project on Route 68 between Route 72 and the Cook County Line in Kane County
  • $1.65 million for a resurfacing project on Route 72 between Route 20 and I-90 in Kane County
  • $469,000 for a resurfacing project on Route 72 from Village Quarter Road to east of 3rd Street in Kane County

“Every one of these projects will improve congestion and safety on some of District 66’s most traveled roads,” said Tryon. “The area will also benefit from much-needed construction jobs during that construction phase, and permanent improvements that will benefit the people of McHenry and Kane Counties for years to come.”

Funding for the statewide program includes $7.2 billion in anticipated federal funds and $1.9 billion in state funds, with the remaining money coming from local and other sources.


Mike Tryon Points to Next Year’s Highway Projects — 6 Comments

  1. And the TAX PAYERS of District 6 get screwed again.

    Thanks, Mike….

  2. Notice Mike isn’t saying anything about his vote to legalize marijuana.

    What a courageous representative we have.


  3. So, Our state is broke….last I heard….

    Where is the money coming from for these road projects?

  4. I’ll tell you where the $$ are coming from and just how poorly this STATE is at budgeting.

    IDOT/ICC has billions to spend more than they can spend fast enough, so they are throwing $$ at anything and everything to get rid of it and without a care about what residents think or how it will impact their neighborhoods!

    that is where the $$ are coming from.

    IDOT had to hire the ICC it needed help in order organzie and help spend all these excess $$.

    While the STATE cries broke and keeps our payroll taxes high! to feed all of these people on our tax paying Buck!

  5. @What a Laugh……. The money is coming from more legalized gambling, legalized video gambling, and legalized “medicinal” dope.

    Can legalized pimping be far behind with these legislative and executive branches?

  6. Tryon’s comment:

    “The area will also benefit from much-needed construction jobs during that construction phase…..

    Misleading statement….construction jobs can NOT be limited to Illinois residents ONLY…
    Good chance the UNIONS will hire out of state workers.

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