Nunda Township Still Seeking Sandbagging Help

Here’s the text of Township Supervisor-Elect Lee Jennings robo-call yesterday:

Lee Jennings

Lee Jennings

“This is Lee Jennings, your newly elected Nunda Township Supervisor.

“Nunda Township is currently operating a sandbagging program to help our residents affected by the recent flooding.

“This program will be in operation 24 hours a day until the river crests and the flooding begins to subside.

“We are in desperate need of able bodied volunteers to help fill sandbags as well as load and unload trucks with sandbags.

“We would also appreciate donations of food, coffee, water and soda for the volunteers.

“This is taking place at the Nunda Township Highway Department located at 3518 Bay Rd. in Crystal Lake.

“For more information, please contact the Nunda Highway Dept at 815-459-4410 or call me at 847-606-6660.”

Jennings wrote last night,

“An estimate of number of sandbags so far is over 16,000.

“We were able to stop sandbagging around 9:30 this evening with a handful of us still assisting residents until about 11:00.

“Originally, we expected to work 24×7 but fortunately are able to get some rest due to the amazing response and help we received from the public.

“This process will be repeated again starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning and going into the evening (or all night if it starts raining again).

“I am so proud of our Township Road Crew, both our existing and newly elected Highway Commissioners and the wonderful volunteers that turned out to help.”

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