Jim Harrison Responds to Comment on Previous Story

A commenter calling him- or herself “Truth” made some provocative statements beneath the story about how only one Independent out of five have beaten a candidate on the Republican Party slate during the last five months.

I thought more people might be interested in Jim Harrison’s reply than would read it in the comment section. It is reproduced below:

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

“There is no need to speculate about my reasons for running as an Independent candidate for Sheriff; my reasons are clearly stated in detail on my website at http://www.JimHarrisonForSheriff.com. Just click on the tab marked “An Independent Sheriff” and read them.

“I will not run as a Republican in name only (RINO), like so many other politicians in McHenry County have done over the years.

“I’m putting my cards on the table. For the record, I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican; I am an Independent.

“I have always voted for the person who I believed was best suited for the job, regardless of their political party affiliation.

“I encourage McHenry County voters to do the same.

“It is true that I have said many times that, if I am elected Sheriff, I would be glad that I would no longer have to record and bill people for my time spent helping them.

“What an ugly twist you have put on this statement!

“You call yourself ‘Truth’ but your comments are a contradiction.

“I have accomplished everything I set out to accomplish as a lawyer [see my resume on my website] and I am ready for a new challenge.

“That being said, I still enjoy my work as an attorney and I look forward to putting all of my skills to work as Sheriff.

“The damage caused by the Nygren/Zinke administration has left the Sheriff’s Office with many significant challenges.

“Remember, I’ve already served 12 years as a Special Assistant State’s Attorney resolving hundreds of legal problems for the Sheriff’s Office.

“And now, more than ever, it is clear that the Sheriff’s Office needs my help again, only this time as the Sheriff.

“And whatever your problem is with Gary Pack, take it up with Gary Pack.

“McHenry County incurred no liability as a result of my 20-years of public service in the Sheriff’s Office and the State’s Attorney’s Office, and my work as a Special Assistant State’s Attorney provably saved McHenry County millions of dollars.

“And for the record, the Sheriff’s job is a 24/7 job; Nygren is just a poor example.

“I am fortunate that my profession allows me the option of continuing to hone my skills practicing law, or to apply my skills to a different endeavor – like the Sheriff’s Office.

“What I am sick of is the politics behind the Sheriff’s elections.

“I am sick of politicians who want the title without the work, who want the power without the responsibility, and who want to control without accountability.

“The party’s over.

“It’s time to raise the bar.”

= = = = =
Harrison plans to run against the winner of the Republican Primary, where Undersheriff Andy Zinke will face off against former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim


Jim Harrison Responds to Comment on Previous Story — 11 Comments

  1. So you want a clean convenient delineation between doing yourself and the work you did for Gary Pack.

    But, then you want to paint Zinke as responsible for everything the guy he works for allegedly has done or has not done.

    Can you say Hypocrite?

    The last thing we need is another politician that is so self absorbed they hold themselves to a double standard.

  2. ATS, you don’t see a difference between a lawyer handling legal issues for a client and a being the number two in the chain of command?

    And just do the math Jim resolved many tough and complicated legal issue for three successive sheriffs, including the current one, for only about $2500 each.

    Compare that with the millions being spent on the Seipler case alone.

  3. I recall an old saying — “if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

  4. Mr. Harrison, I notice that in your e-mail to Mr. Skinner you state, ““I will not run as a Republican in name only (RINO), like so many other politicians in McHenry County have done over the years.”

    This is an amazing statement from you for a couple of reasons.

    First, you seem to be chiding those who do such a thing.

    But most importantly is the second FACT that you WERE going to run as a RINO and then decided not to do so!

    Why did you first decide strategically decide to run as a RINO?

    Did you think you would be able to run as a RINO without voters finding out that is what you are???!

    Did you make a mistake realizing that you would have been running as a RINO?

    Voters would like to hear your explanations.

    It is obvious, as has been pointed out truthfully, why you decided to run as an independent which is because it became public that in truth you have voted very recently for not only democrats but the biggest democrat of them all, Mr. Obama!!

    You state, ““I have always voted for the person who I believed was best suited for the job, regardless of their political party affiliation.”

    That is honorable.

    But, since you did vote for Mr. Obama and you state that you vote based on who you believe was best suited for the job that brings into question your judgment and your values.

    The first time Mr. Obama ran for President he stated clearly that he wanted to fundamentally change the United States of America.

    Obviously you thought that was ok and you voted for him, twice.

    I also notice in your e-mail to Mr. Skinner you never address voting for Mr. Obama.

    That is ok.

    All of the voters of McHenry County understand why you didn’t want that public and why you won’t comment on it now.

    But we would still like to hear your reasoning for voting for Mr. Obama and would like you to explain the rest of your voting record, a record of consistently voting for democrats.

    Anxiously waiting your reply.

    Sincerely, Truth.

  5. Why is the sheriff’s office involved in partisan politics? What does political party having to do with enforcing the laws?

    I ask the same question about judges?

  6. Kind of scary that a guy who wants to be the Sheriff of our county has such clear double standards for himself.

    Pure politician, taking cheap shots at a career law enforcement officer for being in a chain of command and then whining that he should not be criticized for who he has done work for.

  7. While I believe its perfectly fine to look into whatever aspect of a candidate you’d like to, I find it very telling that you are questioning the judgment and values of someone based on the idea that they voted for the person that most Americans believe was the best person for the job.

    You act like he voted for a crazy out of touch politician, but it doesn’t sound like he voted for Romney.

  8. If you think you have no chance at winning a primary, run as an independent.

    To be an independent in Illinois you cannot vote in primaries (exception tax and other referendums).

    In other words, you are willing to let a very small minority of voters determine who is going to be on the ballot.

    Past history indicates both the donkeys and the elephants have a real problem with slating candidates that did not go through a primary.

  9. Neither Harrison or Zinke can compete with experience like this – and there is much more!

    During his time with the Des Plaines Police Department, Bill served as a Task Force Officer with the United States Customs Service and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. As a Task Force Officer, Bill conducted large-scale, multi-jurisdictional narcotics and money laundering investigations.

  10. Hmmm.

    A post about a commenter and a candidate … last comment, about the other candidate, hilarious.

    Mr. Harrison: easy tiger, easy.

    To Truth: just glad we are back to politics … it had been so long since the last election …

    oh wait…

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