Gary Rabine Hosting Meet and Greet for Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim

An email from Gary Rabine, the Finance Chairman for Bill Prim’s campaign for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff. Prim and Andy Zinke are facing off.

Dear Friends:

Gary Rabine

Gary Rabine

On May 31 from 5:30-8:30, Cheryl and I will be hosting a meet and greet at our home at 4505 Farmington Lane, Johnsburg, to introduce our friend Bill Prim, whom we are supporting in his effort to be our next Sheriff of McHenry County.We believe he is a great man who will have the best interests of our community at heart and not be swayed ever by special interests. I am also confident he will honor our Constitution and not stand by while others try to water it down.

But Bill won’t be the only notable in the room. I will also have a nationally renowned guest speaker, Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA, founder) who is a great friend of Austin and mine and has been gaining popularity across the country at high schools and colleges as well as dozens of national news and talk shows.

At the age of only 19, Charlie was an emcee at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) a month ago and last week I watched him speak in front of some the most respected Fortune 500 Leaders. All were amazed by his message and impressive delivery of that message.

This is an evening you won’t want to miss. Please RSVP soon if you attend and lock in this date, as we will be limited on space. The donation to The Bill Prim for Sheriff campaign will be $45.00 per person. For young people aged 16 through 26 there is a reduced contribution of $25.00 per person. I guarantee you they will get charged up by Charlie Kirk.

Beer, wine, soft drinks and finger food will be served. I recommend inviting all young adults you know because these are our future leaders and producers.

I guarantee all will enjoy this event!

Thank you,


Here are the details:

Prim summer reception invitation


Gary Rabine Hosting Meet and Greet for Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim — 3 Comments

  1. The beauty of a guy who took his business to Cook County now bringing us back a politician from a corruption investigation plagued Cook County police department.

    When is “rural” Illinois going to learn that following Cook County’s lead over and over again is the problem not the fix?

  2. Seriously?

    You are going to now criticize a man who has successfully grown his business internationally?

    Gary Rabine is a tremendous supporter of McHenry non for profits and is a business we should be proud of.

    There is NO understanding you people.

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